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Baby Poop Colors & What They Mean (PHOTOS)

Sometimes, poop isn't just poop. When babies are really little, stools are an obsession. Moms, in an effort to determine if their baby is eating enough (particularly a mystery for breastfeeders who can't measure their infant's intake), often track the number of soiled diapers per day -- it's akin to a full-time job. And until you have a baby, who even knew there were so many colors and textures and types of excrement? No wonder it can cause so much anxiety. To help you separate the true potential health problems from what's completely normal, we've put together a color-coded baby poop decoder (and don't worry, these photos won't make you gag). Whatever's going on down there in diaperville, we've got answers and advice on what to do if you do spot something worth worrying about.

Baby poop guideHave you noted any odd colors in your baby's diaper?

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miche... micheledo

Blueberries cause very black poo! :D

I think the funniest one to me is when moms think their baby has worms because of the little worm like things showing up in the diaper after introducing solids.  Bananas everyone!!  It's bananas!! :D

nonmember avatar krystian

Actually the pears help with the constipation. And if a doctor doesn't know that then she needs to go back to school.

nonmember avatar Jen

Usually with dyes, my kid has green poo... never seen pink poo after she had anything with dye in it.

nonmember avatar MRLM

When my son would eat the banana baby food it would look purplish black. Iv only seen pink poo from my 5 yr old she freaked and yelled for me when I checkes it was a bright pink it was just the dye from her bday cupcakes icing was pink and purple lol

nonmember avatar Abby Lake

My sons poo turned purplish when he ate Bananas!

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