6 Ways Lazy Parents Can Avoid Raising Their Own Kids

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed in the parent department, there are now mommy stunt doubles available for hire. Outsourced parenting is all the rage in certain circles. Some moms rely on the pros to help their kids on the potty, detox from a hard-core thumb-sucking addiction, even mind their manners.

If you're feeling like you could use a little help, you're in luck. Here are some of the coolest (and wackiest) ways today's parents delegate parenting ... for a fee.

How much would you be willing to pay for #3? 

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jcjs10 jcjs10

I would hope that parents are using these services not because they simply want to outsource the task, but because they are really struggling and need help. That being said, it's sad that some are going to judge mothers who are struggling ( I.e. Can you believe her 14 month old still isn't sleeping through the night?? Or omg I can't believe that 5 year old is still sucking her thumb!!). But then you're going to judge them for seeking help when everything they've tried has failed.

nonmember avatar full time mom

This is outrageous! What happened to being a mom and doing this stuff yourself? Isn't that part of the whole process of growing as a mother?

ladyb... ladybug61265

My mom sent us to etiquette class when we were younger. As a result we know how to conduct ourselves in any given situation. I will certainly return the favor to my children.

M. Evelyn Robinson

I would like to say, that for a single parent, or spouse of deployed service member (basicly same thing), or 2 full time income family, or frankly any first time parent, a professional babyproofer, isn't lazy, it's flippin' smart. That's a lot to do. And when you take mounting large furniture into account, think 2 year old climbing up a 40 in plasma when you walk out the room to get her lunch, that needs to be stud mounted, and most people don't know how to find them.

Fadin... FadingSun1ight

I agree that some people legit need help and it has little to nothing to do with being "lazy," but being brave enough to know when beating their head against something isn't working. We all have different strengths and weaknesses and I'm here to tell you that potty training is NOT one of my strengths! If I had the income for it, I would totally be open to hiring help for that task in the future! I also have to agree that hiring for baby-proofing is just smart. How many things would I not think of that someone who does it for a living would know about and take care of properly?

miasm... miasmommy21407

:-/ If only I could view the annoying slide show on my phone...

Tara Smith-Elsenpeter

Want to stop thumb sucking? Use Mavala Stop! My kid's dentist carries it. Within three weeks my son stopped. Never started again! And here's the catcher...it doesn't cost $4300.00. It's a whopping $20.00. You can get it on Amazon. :-)

lenalynx lenalynx

Sometimes people need help though I wouldn't pay that much to stop my kid sucking their thumb, though potty training help would be awesome since apparently I suck at it lol.

nonmember avatar lori

#5, the professional baby-proofing, is actually a good idea.

nonmember avatar Scourge

From all these comments I have read, it is blatantly apparent that folks will come up with a million excuses to be a lazy parent, and will go to lengths to justify their actions.

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