Moms Breastfeed in Very Public Places to Make Nursing 'Normal' (PHOTOS)

Jeanne Sager | Aug 4, 2014 Baby
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  • Shh! Somebody's Eating!


    A mom takes a break between the stacks to give her little one a snack in this sweet shot from Boca Raton, Florida photographer Connie Granja.


  • Parked at the Park


    Philly area photographer Tammy Bradshaw and this mom hit the park to photograph this quiet moment between a mom and her little one.

  • Double Duty


    Spending time with all the kids is a lot easier when you aren't afraid to go out with the baby ... as this image by Leilani Rogers shows so well. Mom hit the store with baby AND toddler, and it all worked out!

  • Hi Mom!


    The project went international this year with women like photographer Ashley Marston of British Columbia, Canada, pulling out their cameras to capture intimate moments like this little one's sign of love for mom.


  • Just a Little Off the Top


    Amanda Dee hit the local salon to snag this cool mirror shot of a mom and her little one at lunch.

  • Pumping in Progress


    Just because a baby isn't attached to her breasts doesn't mean this mom isn't doing important work for her little one while out and about. Leilani Rogers made an effort to include a variety of means of "nursing" in this year's project.


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