Latest Circumcision News Could Change Parents' Minds

baby feetWhen you have a baby boy, parents are faced with the decision of whether to circumcise or not. Currently, according to the CDC, circumcision rates are down in the United States with many parents foregoing the procedure. Many of those people call themselves intactivists. Others choose to circumcise for religious reasons.

Some parents know right away what they will do, while others aren't sure and are looking at research to help them decide. There is a new study with the latest information for those parents to take into consideration.


In a study of men in Kenya where circumcision is not common, it was revealed that men do not take part in riskier sexual behavior after they have been circumcised. AIDS is a huge issue in Africa and circumcision has been shown to reduce risk of being infected. But the concern was that the men would get a false sense of safety and put themselves in risky situations where they can contract AIDS because they thought being circumcised was a form of protection. This didn't happen -- there wasn't an increase in risky behavior. What also ended up happening is protective behaviors like using condoms went up especially among those who were circumcised. The awareness itself created even more awareness. 

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Finally something is being said about circumcision that won't worry us even more. This can be a tough decision for parents -- for many reasons. And with much more focus on it now, there may be generations of boys asking their parents why they choose to have them circumcised or not. The revelations in this study, along with the other information out there, may be what parents point to when discussing this with their kids when they are older.

Does this change your mind about circumcision? What are your thoughts?


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