10 Best & Worst States for Raising Kids: Is Yours on the List?

happy familyWhen you're choosing where to settle down and start raising the family, there's a lot on your mind. Are your children going to grow up and look back on a good childhood? Help is on the way! The Annie E. Casey Foundation has looked into the well-being of kids in each state to determine the best and worst places in America to raise children.

Their list is based on several individual rankings, which include: economic well-being, education, health, and family and community statistics. Based on all four sectors of data, the Foundation then ranked all 50 states, from best to worst, and you'll be shocked to read some of the scary numbers.

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We've included the 10 best (in order of best to worse), and 10 worst (in order of better to worst) in the list below. Take a look:

Are the statistics true for your state?


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nonmember avatar hey

You need to fix your picture for number 5--the gateway arch most definitely is NOT in Minnesota.

Brandi McGuire

Um, kinda confused on why the Gateway arch is the picture for Minnesota? That's in Missouri!

nonmember avatar ymaeiram

As we say in New Mexico, thank God for Mississippi

nonmember avatar Confused

Hmmm. Did anyone else find if coincidental that this foundation is headquartered in Maryland and seems to show extreme favor towards the NE while seemingly trying to throw the southern states down the drain? Just an observation.

Books... BooksandWine

The northeast has far better school systems and infrastructure, as well as far lower rates of childhood obesity than the south- there is no conspiracy theory, "Confused".

nonmember avatar Jess

No wonder youre Confused.... New England has had a long standing reputation and great statistics for fantastic schools, education, and healthy kids... the South, not so much. Look it up.

Also, since Maryland is NOT New England, why would that matter? Wouldnt they make themselves way up there if there was some conspiracy theory??

nonmember avatar Michiko

@Jess ... NE = NorthEast, not New England. Maryland is in the northeast region of the US ( the US is for United States... Just in case you weren't sure).

Summe... Summerlion1123

My state wasn't in either list, but I plan to move to Georgia. Oops. Oh well, lol

jamie... jamiecherry1

These people are almost always bashing on the south and believing the stereotypes. I'm from Mississippi and most of what this post says about the state is untrue. We may be rednecks but we ain't all uneducated broke and divorced.

nonmember avatar EJ

jamiecherry - that may be true of yourself, and people in your area, but this list appears to be based off of statistics. That's not stereotypical, that's data-based. I doubt you can speak for the entire state in which you reside. I know information about my area, but as a whole state, I have no idea about the socioeconomic and educational status of the residents 500 miles away. Coincidentally, my state also appears in the top 3 worst. :\

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