Store Security Guard Posts Pics of Breastfeeding Moms Without Their Consent

security cameraA news story this week has taken the challenges facing breastfeeding moms to a whole new level of horrible. A teen security guard named Nick Carrington posted images of women breastfeeding at a Sears department store to his Twitter account, @Flex_To_Death (which has since disappeared). The photos were zoomed-in screenshots from the store's security camera footage.

Although Carrington appears to have deleted his Twitter account, was able to capture the photos before they were deleted and re-posted them to Twitter, adding black circles for the moms' privacy.


As if it wasn't hard enough for breastfeeding moms, who are already far too readily shamed for simply trying to nurse their little ones while out and about. As if they weren't already being forced unnecessarily to tiptoe around and breastfeed discreetly (or in bathrooms or cars), so as to avoid being thrown out of a store or harassed in some other way. But now they have to worry about their privacy being totally violated and shamed for nursing in public? So, so wrong.

In the wake of the incident, Sears tweeted:

Sears respects the privacy of all shoppers. This matter is currently under investigation.

And later:

We regret this isolated incident. We have investigated this incident and terminated the associate who was involved.

But with no official statement from the company or involvement from the police, could you blame people for still being bent out of shape? Of course not! This -- or anything of the sort -- is the last thing nursing moms need to worry about.

Clearly, more needs to be done so that absolutely NO doubt remains that what this security guard did -- or any other similar violation of a breastfeeding mom's privacy and rights -- will not be tolerated. Obviously, this should have never happened in the first place, but not taking measures to ensure it never happens again would be utterly unacceptable.

What's your reaction to what this security guard did?

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Mrscj... Mrscjones

If your breast was out someone's looking. Don't change the fact you was feeding a baby you still are exposed. What he did was wrong but if no breast was showing you wouldn't have been noticed.

fave82 fave82

It was investigated and he was fired. Appropriate action was taken. Case closed.

Prett... PrettyWings29

In a day and age where cameras are readily accessible, I'm surpised this is the first story we've heard of this type. Joe Schmoe could be filming you while you're out at a restaurant breastfeeding. It could happen anywhere, not just on store security cameras. "If you don't like it, don't look" is all well and good for the people that oppose public breastfeeding but what about the people that planning on using images of you innocently feeding your baby for their own gain? There is no way I would breast feed in public with everyone being so camera crazy.  

nonmember avatar Guest

While I'll agree the guard should not have posted the photos online; the women's right to privacy ended when they stepped foot in a public place. The Supreme Court has ruled time and time again that a person has no right to the expectation of privacy when walking or being in a place that is open to the public. This is why people can photograph you and post it without your consent. One possible legal argument is that by posting the stills of a video feed he infringed on Sear's copyright to the video/photograph. I suggest the author brush up on what constitutes a violation of a person's right.

AliPa... AliParker

I agree with prettywings and mrscjones.

Every single person that steps into public risks having their photo taken without their knowledge or consent. And regardless of what you might think or want people are going to look when your tit is hanging out. If there is a baby attached or not. You're no more a victim than anyone else that was filmed or had a photo taken of them that they didn't want nor ask just because you're breast feeding.

00NoW... 00NoWay00

That's pretty twisted, but really, how is that any different than "People of WalMart"? I'm sure most of those people are just going about their business and didn't expect to be photographed and have their photo posted online. If a woman wants to breastfeed in public, more power to her ... I did it as well. And while I might be irritated at someone posting a pic of my doing it, I am not doing anything "wrong" so it wouldn't be embarassing to me personally.

Gamer... Gamer_mom1

The problem is not with the photos

But with the fact that people are still stupid enough to see nursing as something to mock and shame

Chels... Chelsey191

Lmao. If you are in public you are most likely being watched and privacy doesn't exist. That's for everyone regardless who they are and what they are doing. This is the risk you take when you step foot in public. If you are uncomfortable, stay home.

Einyn Einyn

If you're comfortable enough to be out doing it in public anyway then you should kind of expect this might happen. You can't have it both ways. So many women are out there exposing breast feeding and taking their own pics and whining when Facebook deletes them so what's the difference?

nonmember avatar alexandra

It's natural and done what?

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