JWoww Gives Birth to a Baby Girl & Gives Her an Exotic Name

Congratulations are in order for Jenni “JWoww” Farley and fiancé Roger Mathews! One of our favorite Jersey Shore stars gave birth to a baby girl today. At 7 pounds, 13 ounces, she’s a healthy little peanut with an amazingly interesting, pretty, and totally exotic name that we just love!

Jenni and Roger named their sweet baby Meilani Alexandra. I adore it! I swear, if I ever have another baby girl, I’m stealing this name and moving to Hawaii, because it sounds perfect for an island princess. JWoww’s representative told E! Online that Meilani is ready to trade her baby bottle for barbells and that the reality TV star is looking forward to introducing her little girl to BFF Snooki’s baby girl when she gives birth in a few months.

I’m so happy for Jenni and Roger! We know she had a heck of a difficult pregnancy that involved morning sickness and a weight gain she didn’t exactly embrace. I distinctly remember feeling a sense of relief -- both physically and emotionally -- the second after I gave birth and I bet JWoww felt the same thing. I predict she and Roger are going to be amazing, caring, and surprisingly strict parents.

Just check out the adorable message Roger posted on Twitter today:

I cannot wait to see pics of JWoww, Snooki, and their little girls taking long walks down the Jersey Shore boardwalk. Love these two folks -- congrats, guys!

Do you like the name Meilani Alexandra?


Image via JWoww/Twitter

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nonmember avatar HMac

The jury's stll out on her, but I see him being a really, really good Dad. He'll undoubtedly dote on his daughter & keep her feet planted in the ground at the same time.

Paike... Paikea1974

love the name Meilani! 

Mikey... MikeysMom22

The name is OK I guess, but what is this.. calling her a peanut? She was almost 8 lbs. That is not a peanut. My son was 5 lbs 7 1/2oz. Now he was a peanut. Now babies 1,2 and 3 lbs survive too. 

Cbruey1 Cbruey1

What does weight have to do with being a peanut? My son was 9 lbs and everyone still called him a peanut. It's a term of endearment, not a weight thing. Geez!

nonmember avatar Isis Rain

Meilani is NOT a Hawaiian name. I think it's atrocious that people butcher the Hawaiian language and culture. Sure it's a cute name for their baby girl BUT it is in now way Hawaiian. In any case I am happy for them an wish them all the best ;)

Tonja Fruge

Congratulations to you both, to hold your child for the first time and look into their eyes is most amazing and best bonding experience ever. You both with be awesome parents and I can already see how big her wardrobe will be by looking at her stylish mommy. Good luck to you both.

Micheline Rozan Nesto

Beautiful name, but you know she will end up

Being called Mel and don't like that nickname

at all!

Torra... TorranceMom

@ Isis Rain is 100% correct.  Meilani is not a Hawaiian name.  

nonmember avatar phishmomm81

You wouldn't be stealing the name they don't have ownership rights to the name.

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