Top Baby Names of 2014 Show 'Weird' Trend in Naming Girls

baby nameTrying to think of a cute, original name for your baby girl? So are lots of other parents! Nameberry released the top baby names of 2014 so far, and as far as girls are concerned, the names are getting more unique and "out there" than ever before. (You won't believe number one!)

As for the little dudes? Not so much. Their names are deviating a little bit from the Johns, Michaels, and Toms of the past ... but they're still pretty conventional.

Wanna know what the top 10 boy and girl names are?


Top 10 Girls' Names of 2014 (so far):

1. Imogen

2. Charlotte

3. Isla

4. Cora

5. Penelope

6. Violet

7. Amelia

8. Eleanor

9. Harper

10. Claire

Top 10 Boys' Names of 2014 (so far):

1. Asher

2. Declan

3. Atticus

4. Finn

5. Oliver

6. Henry

7. Silas

8. Jasper

9. Milo

10. Jude

It's worth noting that Khaleesi (yes, from Game of Thrones) is at number 18 for girls' names; Katniss (yes, from Hunger Games) is at 14; and Adelaide, which is the name actress Katherine Heigl chose for her daughter, is at number 12. Also worth noting? Until very recently, Imogen wasn't even in the top 1,000 in terms of American baby names. And now it's at number one! That's quite a leap!

Judging from this list, it seems like parents are interested in breaking free of the confines of traditional baby names in general (Atticus is a bit more unusual than, say, Jack). But it also seems like moms and dads of girls are willing to go a little more "weird," for lack of a better word. Perhaps it's because there's a belief that girls can "get away with more," or simply because there are more girl name options to choose from?

Either way, we say bring on the unusual names. Traditional names are nice, but there are only so many Kates and Michaels we need in the world.

Does your child have an usual name?


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