Mom Accused of Abandoning Baby on Subway Platform & Riding Away (VIDEO)

baby abandonedTalk about heartbreaking. On Monday, a mom who was riding the subway in New York City with her baby allegedly abandoned her at a stop. The woman, Frankea Dabbs, has been arrested and charged with abandonment and acting in a manner injurious to a child less than 17.

In a video, cops say Dabbs can be seen pushing a stroller with her 10-month-old child in it onto the platform and getting back on the train alone. Soon after the incident, another woman found the baby, stayed with her for 20 minutes, and then called the authorities.

The baby, who's healthy and unharmed, is currently at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center. Dabbs allegedly told cops that she was homeless, that she felt she could no longer take care of the child, and that she felt that leaving her in a safe public place was her best bet.

Details for this horrible situation still remain pretty scant, but at first glance, this is a pretty strange scenario. In the photos, and after being examined, the baby looks extremely healthy and well-cared for; not like a child who was abused or malnourished during the past few months or weeks. In fact, if you only saw a photo of the girl, you'd think she came from a perfectly normal household. This doesn't appear to be a case of constant neglectful parenting.

What caused Dabbs to suddenly feel like she couldn't go on? Was it a moment or something she'd been thinking about for a while? As parents, most of us have experienced a fleeting feeling like we simply can't make it another day. We're so exhausted and stressed that we just want an out. Clearly, abandoning our children is definitely not the answer.

What is?

Parenting will never be an easy game -- especially when you're homeless -- but when you decide to have a kid, you have to put them first. Always. It isn't always easy; it isn't always fun, but it's the right thing to do. Not sure if Dabbs truly thought leaving her baby at a subway was the best option, but it's important we, as parents, always think every decision involving our kids through thoroughly.

Obviously, most parents' situations are quite different from Dabbs', but she's certainly not the first mother or father who's felt completely overwhelmed. An important thing is to remove yourself from the situation as much as possible, try to think of a course of action, and then return with a cooler, more even-keeled head.

Right now, the important thing is that this sweet baby girl is okay. Hopefully both she and her mother will get the help they need -- and more so, hopefully this angel will never have any recollection of what happened.

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed?


Image via New York Police Department

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youth... youthfulsoul

Bad choice of location, but if she was unfit she should have had the option to drop her somewhere where she would be cared for, without being arrested for it. At least she didn't kill her like so many others have done for no good reason.

nonmember avatar Lana

I agree with youthfulsoul.

nonmember avatar mommy0320

This story makes me extremely sad. I am easily overwhelmed when taking care of my toddler being 5 months pregnant. I am lucky enough to have a very strong support system in my husband, my parents and my brother. I would loose my shit if i didnt have them. Im not condoning what this woman did but she might of thought it as her best option in a moment of desperation. A lot of other comments i have read completely shame the mother for even bringing her in to the world if not ready to take care of her. What people forget to relize is her situation could have been completely different when she got pregnant and she no longer had the means to financially and emotionally support her daughter. Sad all around i hope this little girl is placed with a loving family.


In other reports about this, her relatives/family members are speaking out about her state of mind which looks to be in a bad mental state--apparently she witnessed her boyfriend's murder while hiding under the bed during a home invasion; she was prostituting (sp?; her step-father kicked her out of the house--just all kinds of madness...anyhoo, I am s disgusted reading about her relatives comments...if THEY knew she was having issues, why in the hell did they not take that baby from her. I know she did not do it in the proper manner, but thank GOD the angels were watching and the baby is safe. I hope, hope, hope the baby gets a better chance at life and I hope her mother gets the help she needs.

Sarah... SarahHall58

It's called safe haven. Drop the baby off at a hospital police or fire station. What kind of an idiot leaves the baby in a subway station. Moron.

nonmember avatar mommy0320

@sarahhall if you were not such a moron yourself you would know most places only allow you to do that in the first 30 days of a childs life, in new york its only 5 days.

nonmember avatar Candi Sanders

At least she didn't kill the child. Get her some psychiatric help and place the child with loving family members. Case closed.


I also heard that she had been staying with an aunt but "people" were looking for her (maybe those that killed the childs' father?) and she didn't want to put the aunts life in danger. I actually feel bad for her. The child looks healthy and even had those sock like things on her hands to keep her from scratching herself.

nonmember avatar SunnyInCA

Instead off judging the mother we should feel sorry for her and grateful that her daughter is safe. We don't know what the mom may have been going through and all she wanted was to keep her daughter safe. If she is in danger from the people who killed her bf then she did what she thought was safest. It's absolutely heartbreaking but at least she thought of getting her daughter away from a potentially dangerous situation.

Mommy... MommyHuman

I thought all states have Safe Haven laws where any mom can drop off a baby at a police station, fire station, or hospital no questions asked.  The baby would have been safer there.  I'm glad someone found her and was able to stay with her until help arrived.

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