Terminally Ill Military Mom Gets to Meet the Baby She's Giving Her Life For​

yesenia ruiz-rojoArmy wife Yesenia Ruiz-Rojo wasn't expecting to receive the news she did when she was admitted to a hospital four months into her pregnancy. The mom of one was experiencing severe abdominal pain, but other than that, she seemed perfectly healthy. But shortly after meeting with doctors, the mother-to-be learned she had a massive tumor covering half of her liver and that she had an aggressive liver cancer that gave her four months to live, tops.

In that moment, all Ruiz-Rojo wanted was for doctors to save her baby. But given the size and the location of the tumor, it was a task that seemed almost impossible. A team of medical experts put their heads together and decided an experimental radiation treatment was the best course of action, given the mom's situation. And at 32 weeks, Ruiz-Rojo gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Luke. The mom has turned down cancer treatments in an effort to not impair the days she has left with her family, and, tragically, her days are likely numbered. "I love spending time with my son; he’s beautiful," she said. "I'm so thankful for him."


To call Ruiz-Rojo brave is the understatement of the year -- she literally allowed doctors to experiment on her body for the sake of her growing baby. Nothing she did, or is doing, should be minimized at all, but at the same time, this heroic woman did what many other parents out there would likely do for their kids. When we become moms and dads, we, literally, are willing to sacrifice our lives for our children. Nothing supersedes the health and happiness of kids, and parents typically won't give a second thought to putting their little ones first in any given situation.

It really doesn't get much more heartbreaking than Ruiz-Rojo's story, and it's impossible not to hope and pray for a miracle for this family. But whatever happens, this amazing mother can rest-assured that her children will never, for a split second, doubt her eternal love for them.

What do you want to say to this mom?


Image via U.S. Department of Defense



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Charl... Charlyla2

If it were me I would do the exact same thing. This woman knows what's best and I admire her for it! Beautiful.

nonmember avatar Sandra Keller

I'm 68 and have had a good life. Raised two wonderful children. I wish I could trade places with you so you could have the same priveledge. My heart hurts for you.

Paula Mendes

blessings to you and your family.Love will live forever.

jmb28 jmb28

Praying for a miracle for this young family! May god bless you all and bless you with many more days together! Amen.

Belinda Fleischer

There will be a special place for you in heaven....right next to the rest of the angels.....What a blessing and an amazing example you are for your children!!!

21lisa72 21lisa72

My heart aches for her and family. I pray that God touches her and performs a miracle on this brave women. Not only is she sick but a 32 week preemie can have many issues adding additional stress to the family pray for the babies health as well.

nonmember avatar Jackie Smart

WhenI read this amazing story I can only say God is good and that he wont put no more on us .I pray for the family to be strong

csxt99 csxt99

I would tell her how stupid she is for not doing everything possible to live so her kids, that she so desperately wanted to bring into this world, actually have a chance to know her, not just look at a picture after she dies. 

Angela Piccolo

I guess a transplant isn't an option now that he's born? If there is a heaven, she'll definitely be one of the highest of angels. I also hope that her little boy grows up into a good man and honor her sacrifice.

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