Cameron Diaz Reveals Why She's Not Having Kids​

Cmaeron DiazTired of celebrities acting like they have it so much harder than everyday moms? Don't worry, this isn't another one of those stories. Cameron Diaz doesn't actually have any kids, but the child-free by choice actress had some pretty interesting things to say about motherhood this week when she was interviewed about her upcoming film, Sex Tape.

As reporters tend to do, a writer working on a piece for Esquire asked the 41-year-old why she'd never settled down and made babies. Yeah, go ahead and shudder at the question ... but not her response.

Said Diaz:

It's so much more work to have children. To have lives besides your own that you are responsible for -- I didn't take that on. That did make things easier for me. A baby -- that's all day, every day for 18 years. I like protecting people, but I was never drawn to being a mother.

Folks, we don't want to start a war between moms and non-moms here. Everyone has their own tough stuff in life, their own crosses to bear. Non-moms are to be respected for what they do in life, and for making their own choices. Period. 

But often the very reason the two sides seem to be at war is because one or the other feels disrespected, feels that the other doesn't acknowledge how tough it is.

If we all want to just "get along," that means giving each other a pat on the back once in awhile and looking at our different challenges.

Yes, there are advantages to motherhood. Every woman who has ever found a note to "Mom" on her pillow or just fallen asleep with someone small snuggled up in the crook of her arm will tell you that.

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But we do give things up to become moms -- our time, our chances to get ahead in the workplace, our independence. And goshdarnit, it's nice to hear someone else, someone on the other side, giving us our due!

And we won't lie -- it's especially nice to hear it out of Cameron's mouth in light of some rather insensitive comments about moms from celebrities of late (cough, Gwyneth Paltrow, cough, cough)!

Do you feel like your non-mom friends "get" motherhood? What's the nicest thing they've ever said to you?


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Bruic... Bruickson

My best friend, who is amazing, doesn't have kids and she totally gets it. She knows I'm not available to talk on the phone(she moved away a few yrs ago)as much as we'd like and when we are on the phone I may be interrupted 30,000 times. In turn, I know she isn't always available for me because of her job and boyfriend(who is about to be deployed for the next yr). She even flew in to help with my daughter's first birthday because she knew I was stressed since my husband was working crazy long shifts. I think women who aren't mothers can understand it. I know at least one does.

mommy... mommytojack0524

I wish everyone was as thoughtful about this very important decision. 

nonmember avatar me

Why would anyone with an ounce of common sence feel disrespected that someone doesnt want to have a child? Good for her for not having one just because others might be pushing her to. Had she been a mother, im sure she would have made it work and loved the child but if someone doesnt want a child, they shouldnt have one.

The only time I have ever felt annoyed by someones comments about deciding to be childfree is when they are saying how much more happier they are than people with kids. How are you comparing our happiness levels? Your choice is not better than my choice or vice versa. Its propably better for you personally, but not as a general statement. Thats all.

irish... irishstarz

So many people don't figure that out for themselves, until it's too of them, I know/knew.

It's everyone's right to not reproduce - so kudos to Ms. Diaz!

nonmember avatar nonmom

I am a non mom and I 100% DON'T get it. I live for me and husband and the money we earn is for US. Not some brat who won't appreciate anything we do for them. I don't pretend to know what it's like to be a mom because I will never understand how you can give up yourself for another person and be so consumed with another person instead of focusing on your own wants and needs.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Why is there a war between moms and non-moms? Do it or dont.. who cares?

Desiree White

@nonmom... I respect your decision not to have kids....respect mine to have them. And not all kids are disrespectful and unappreciative. If that type of kid was the only type I ever met, I probably wouldn't want one either. And you don't need to have kids to understand self sacrifice. I think you must be pretty selfish if you think that the only way to be happy is to live a life in which you only focus on your own wants and needs. You are exactly the type of child you described. Call your mother today and thank her and maybe also apologize.

Lucki... Luckicharmz

I have met CBCers who both get the mom side of things and who think women are complete idiots for having kids and don't get it. It's their opinion to think whatever they want and if someone like nonmom voiced that kind of opinion to me I'd just take it with a grain of salt and get on with my day.

I love my kids and wouldn't trade them for anything, but I get that some people just don't want kids and that's fine too :)

nonmember avatar Liz

@nonmom. Sorry but you're part of this silly issue. I am childless by choice, married to someone who feels the same. But I have a ton of respect for the decisions women make with their lives, especially having kids since as an older sibling I know how difficult it is to care for little ones. I have friends that rule the world with their right hand and are raising some terrific kids with their left. I understand why they choose to, despite their hardships they're insanely happy. I'm insanely happy. And what matters is everyone is happy with their life choices.

And think about this, whether it's a cause or work or your spouse or pets, we all have something consuming our life that means the world to us!

kaffe... kaffedrikke

She is correct. And insightful.

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