Graco Car Seat Recall: 5 Things Moms Need to Know

rear-facing car seatIf you've got a baby in a rear-facing car seat, listen up. Nearly two million rear-facing car seats are being recalled today, a followup to the huge Graco recall already issued earlier this year. The problem is the buckle in the safety seats -- a buckle that has been known to jam, trapping children in their car seat.

The buckle is the same one used on other previously recalled Graco seats, but the company initially told federal regulators that a recall was unwarranted because the rear-facing seats are designed differently than others. Now 1.9 million seats for younger children are up for recall based on a company investigation that found "a higher than typical level of difficulty" when unlatching the buckle that could increase "the risk of injury in the event of an emergency situation where prompt exit from the vehicle is required."

So what do parents need to know?


1. The recall affects the buckle, not the whole seat, and as such the seats can still be used.

2. Models affected (and manufacture date) included: 

  • SnugRide: March 2011 - May 2013
  • SnugRide Classic Connect: March 2011 - May 2013
  • SnugRide 30: July 2010 - January 2013
  • SnugRide Classic Connect 30: July 2010 - January 2013
  • SnugRide 35: May 2011 - January 2013
  • SnugRide Classic Connect 35: May 2011 - January 2013
  • SnugRide Click Connect 40: June 2012 - December 2012
  • ApricaA30: July 2011 - April 2012

3. To determine whether your car seat is affected, look under or behind your car seat, locate the white label, and note the name and date of manufacture. It should look like this:

Graco model

4. Graco will provide a free buckle replacement. While waiting for your replacement, the company suggests cleaning the existing buckle.

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5. To get your repair kit, to check if your seat is under the recall, or for other information, visit Graco's buckle recall site or call 877-766-7470.

Have you experienced issues with your car seat buckle? What happened?


Images via ©; Graco

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