​Popular Teething Medicines Could Be Bad for Baby After All

teething babyFrom frozen to alcoholic, parents have had plenty of solutions to ease babies through their teething stages. But do you really need to slather your little one's gums in medicated gels in order to treat their soreness? Turns out, no. The Food and Drug Administration is now warning parents away from certain prescription and over-the-counter teething medications

According to the FDA, the gels and creams parents are using can be harmful to the baby. Specifically, the government agency says drugs like viscous lidocaine have been reported to actually hurt the baby, and popular benzocaine gels and liquids can cause methemoglobinemia, a rare but serious and possibly fatal blood disorder.

Keyword "rare" here, moms.

Still, while it's tempting to try anything to heal those aching gums, this consumer warning means parents need to take a long hard look at what it is they're using and weigh out the risks vs. the benefits.

Now it doesn't mean you have to ignore baby's pain entirely!

The FDA recommends using benzocaine gels, but they call for a doctor's oversight. And if you're uneasy about medications in general, there are good ol' natural remedies to help your little kiddos.

First off, take your finger and gently massage your baby's gums. Then give them a cool (not ice cold) teething ring or a cool washcloth to hold in their mouths and chew. The combination of the pressure and the coolness will help to naturally ease their aches.

If all else fails, talk to your doctor about what's safe and go with your gut!

Does this change how you approach baby teething?


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at0110 at0110

Honestly we use cloves oil. Even oral sugeons use cloves oil to pack gums after painful extactions.. No side effects unless your child is allergic to cloves of corse. 

nonmember avatar steph

im 20 yrs old with 1 child. An way back in my grandmas days they had nothing just the ol remmides* so thats what im doing.. Shes a tough little indian girl:-)


Baltic amber teething necklace!! My third child and I sware by them! Id never use gels or tablets over organic!!

nonmember avatar krystian

Rein, teething tablets are NATURAL. And homeopathic..

Charl... Charlyla2

Pure vanilla extract. Advil for severe pain.

terpmama terpmama

Breast milk ice cubes in a mesh feeder work well in our home.... Tasty, cold and the mesh rubbing on the gums helps the teeth break through....

elk571 elk571

My son has sensory issues so he won't put ANYTHING in his mouth (even food and he's picky abt nipples on sippy cups) so he won't use a teether, washcloth, or let me put any of those meds on there either. Mostly it's Motrin etc for swelling and pain!

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