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8 Yummy Lactation Recipes for Breastfeeding Moms (PHOTOS)

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Trying to boost your milk supply? There are a lot of ways to do that, but why not try the yummiest? There are so many tasty recipes for lactation treats out there, we can hardly count them all. Everything from cookies to smoothies -- whatever you crave, there's probably a milk-inducing version of it.

We've found 8 scrumptious recipes loaded with natural galactagogues, those special ingredients that help you make more milk. So enjoy snacking and lactating, mama!

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sanj1213 sanj1213

I had an oatmeal cookie recipe I used a few times. Really worked! I enjoyed those cookies. 

la_be... la_bella_vita

I've never tried foods to boost supply. I have drank mother's milk tea

timon95 timon95

i never took or tried foods or drinks to boost supply. i didn't breastfeed long, my milk caused stomach issues with both kids. and i followed the rules of what to eat and what not to eat.

Kmakk... Kmakksmom

I couldn't breastfeed long.  I never made much.  These are great ideas!

Bob192 Bob192

I had never thought of eating foods to boost my supply.  Worth the try!

Madel... Madelaine

I wish I had these recipes when I was nursing!

lil_m... lil_mama06

I ate oatmeal with milk and some brown sugar..Not only did it help me with my milk supply, I lost weight as well..I also drank mother's milk tea...

elasmimi elasmimi

I am many years away from lactating, but these sound pretty good anyway.

delan... delanna6two

I'm not BF right now but this is good info. I always had a little challenge in the beginning building up my milk supply.

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