Danger Lurking in BPA-Free Bottles & Sippy Cups Could Make Our Kids Sick​

baby with bottleFor several years now, moms have been making the choice they thought was best for their little ones: Steering clear of bisphenol-A (BPA), the toxic substance in plastic that may mess with the endocrine system, disrupting hormones, and causing a variety of short- and long-term health concerns for our children including asthma, cancer, infertility, low sperm count, heart disease, liver problems, and ADHD. But apparently, even if you've been incredibly conscious and checked every sippy cup and water bottle to ensure it's marked "BPA-free," it may not be enough!

According to a new paper the journal Environmental Health, which notes that various plastic products marked "BPA-free" are not nearly as safe as we thought.

Researchers tested 50 resuable BPA-free plastic containers and found that some products leached hormone-altering chemicals (even before they were exposed to heat from a dishwasher or microwave!) and more than three-quarters of the containers tested released synthetic estrogens. So, so unnerving.

Not to mention incredibly frustrating, considering that we think we're doing everything we can to protect our children by doing the research before going shopping for sippy cups, only registering for the BPA-free baby bottles, keeping certain plastics our kids use out of the dishwasher or microwave, etc. But news like this it makes it seem like even our best efforts are all for naught. It makes it seem like even our best efforts aren't enough to protect our kids, and that's nothing short of extremely aggravating.  

Here, the specific plastic products moms may want to avoid, given these recent test results:

  • AVENT baby bottles
  • CamelBak blue sippy cups
  • Born Free baby bottles
  • Green to Grow baby bottles
  • Evenflo baby bottles
  • Weil Baby sippy cups and baby bottles


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You can also check out Mother Jones for more on what the study found.

For the wellness of our kids and to save us all continued headaches (and much more), fingers crossed findings like these help put pressure on plastics companies to up their safety standards once and for all.

How do you feel about these findings? Will it change what brands you buy?


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Craft... CraftyJenna

Switch to glass and stainless steel. 

nonmember avatar Allie

Old news. They chemicals they replaced BPA with are just as bad, if not worse. And people have been complaining about it for years.

Prett... PrettyWings29

This is good to know. I am pregnant with our first...no plastic for us. 

Charl... Charlyla2

Avent is the brand I used with both of my kiddos for pumping them bottles. Haven't used them in months but damn, my daughter was bottle fed pumped milk 4-6 times a day sometimes. Kinda discouraging. There I was trying to give her the best and it turns out it wasn't any better than formula. Do the people who run these companies not have kids???

nonmember avatar Garbageboy

ur kid was demented as soon as it came outta ya. #stoptryin

Tigrl... Tigrlily07

Everything is bad for you somehow. Period. Give someone a while and I promise they will find a reason. Not saying we should use obviously harmful things, but we simply cannot shelter ourselves from every danger. It's impossible. So don't feel horrible if your child used plastic bottles, licked windows, or ate dirt. Nobody is perfect.

Singl... Singlefornow

Glass is not harmful when used properly.  I used plastic but I was also an unimformed young mother.  Never again.

nonmember avatar Scott Anderson

Wind turbines kill more wildlife than oil wells.

Football is safer than soccer.

A kid would have to stand outside on the street for 210 years on average before getting abducted.

Everything the leftwing media feeds you is a lie.

nonmember avatar Mikey

Autoplay media, especially the kind you have to scroll down to find and disable, should automatically BAN you from the internet. Permanently.

nonmember avatar Art

Just say GLASS! Safe to use, easy to clean and sanitize and no leaching chemicals. Only issue is to insure you don't feed your baby over tile or cement floors as dropped bottles will shatter there. On grass, wood, vinyl, etc glass is as safe as plastic and will not typically break if dropped.

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