The Diamond-Encrusted Baby Bottle: For the Newborn Who Appreciates the Finer Things in Life

baby bottle You know what your baby doesn't need? A gold- and diamond-encrusted bottle because, well, that's just straight-up insane. Suommo, a Spanish company that sells luxury products for the posh baby, recently came out with this poppycock, and the price tag? $272,000. Or as it's more commonly known: A house.


The ergonomic bottle, which, thank god, is the world's most expensive baby bottle, is advertised as "a jewel and a refined decoration piece inspired by Russian dolls, whose five-size set is the expression of the most exquisite sensitivity." Oh, and Suommo will even throw in some free engraving if you'd like, so you don't have to worry about it getting mixed up with the other gold and diamond bottles at the playground. Thoughtful!

It's hard to imagine that too many moms are going to run out and purchase this bottle or add it to their registry, as there's one glaring issue here: What if baby chokes on a diamond while she's suckling down her warm milk? (Also, out of curiosity, can you put this thing in a bottle warmer?) It likely will only be a matter of time before we hear about how a diamond came loose on this bottle (maybe after it was repeatedly thrown on the floor by baby?); baby sucked it down; began to choke; then swallowed it, presenting mom, dad, or nanny with a sparkly surprise during diaper duty. Not cool, Suommo, not cool at all.

Or parents likely will shy away from purchasing this gem, as they'd rather do things like retire, send their kids to college, or, um, eat. Also, as anyone who's ever had a baby can attest to: Kids have the uncanny ability to screw up anything. So what's the point in spending obscene amounts of money on their stuff -- even if you have it?

What do you think of this crazy baby bottle?


Image via Suommo

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