Jenna Fischer Gives Her Baby Girl a Name That Will Make Her a Famous Writer

Congrats to The Office's Jenna Fischer -- our favorite TV receptionist ever gave birth to a baby girl! This is Jenna's second child -- she and screenwriter hubby Lee Kirk are parents to two-year-old boy Weston Lee. She waited until her third trimester to announce her pregnany AND kept the baby's gender a secret, but has recently revealed her little girl's name -- and it's one that is sure to help catapult her to fame as a famous writer one day!

The couple named their baby Harper Marie Kirk. I'm liking the whole first-name-as-a-last-name trend, as long as it isn't too silly AND fits with the baby's actual last name. And, although "Harper" is traditionally a last name, I immediately think of Harper Lee, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird. Okay, fine, her real name was Nelle Harper Lee, but whatever, we all knew her as "Harper," which is good enough, right?!

LOVE that Jenna and Kirk chose a super simple and classic middle name -- a family name, perhaps? -- to go along with Harper. It just flows so well and sounds both romantic and contemporary.

Victoria and David Beckham also named their little girl Harper, so Jenna isn't exactly breaking new ground here, but I'm betting her intention wasn't to be super trendy. The actress has a degree in theatre and journalism and I can't help but assume Lee inspired this pretty name. But who knows?

Anyway, in case you're wondering, Jenna is just like the rest of us and is freaking out a bit about the idea of raising two children -- which she admits everyone has told her is really like raising four kids.

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My advice to her: get together with TV love John Krasinkski and his wife Emily Blunt, who gave birth to Hazel in February, and exchange babysitting duties pronto!

Do you like the name Harper Marie?


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Charl... Charlyla2

Wow, Marie is such a common and overused middle name. I know a bunch of people who share it, including me. Granted, I did give my daughter a common middle name, I just think Marie is almost boring.

nonmember avatar Marie

Charl, try having it as a first name. I do like my name, and I don't think it's boring, for a first at least :( But I have heard a thousand times "oh your name is Marie, that's my middle name!"

nonmember avatar C

My daughter was going to be Harper Lee (lee after my sister) but ended up naming her Harper Olivia just love how it flows :)

Layna Palmer

Cute, but a name doesn't make someone famous; hard work, dedication and talent, however, do.  

Gypsy... Gypsy.Scribe

I think you mean "the having a last name as a first name trend" lol

nonmember avatar Kaycee

I believe one on Neil Patrick Harris' twins is named Harper as well.

Bruic... Bruickson

My daughter's middle name is Harper and I named my dog Scout. I guess you could say I'm a big fan of the book haha.

mommy... mommyoftwins148

I've heard it lots. There's not many aes that aren't overused. I did name my girl twin Anneleise and its def nota very common name at all. I loved it.

Pammi86 Pammi86

We are expecting our second daughter in September and this will also be her name. We liked it and it isn't very common around here right now! Then again either was Liv when we chose that lol!

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