Jimmy Fallon's Evil Plot to Make Baby Winnie a Daddy's Girl (PHOTO)

Jimmy Fallon

Every parent on Earth wants their child's first word to be about them. Mama. Papa. Mommy. Daddy. It's like a veritable war of words going on when baby nears the talking stage. And Jimmy Fallon may have just won the whole thing. The Tonight Show host and 10-month-old daughter Winnie are gracing the cover of People this week that everyone is talking about.

With Winnie wearing a suit just like Daddy, it's worth talking about. It's an ovary flipper. But what we should also be talking about is Jimmy Fallon's genius trick to get his daughter to say Dada before she calls his wife, Nancy Juvonen, Mama

But first, the epic cuteness ...


Jimmy Fallon

Ovaries flipped yet?


Fallon told the magazine that everything he gives to his daughter is Dada. Formula. Avocados. Whatever it is, he points, says Dada, and then hands it over. By the time she's ready to talk, she'll be saying Dada, Dada, Dada, and boom, he wins!

Love it!

OK, so she doesn't know Dada is actually him yet, but hey, let's be honest with ourselves: the first word we get all worked up about doesn't actually mean anything half the time anyway!

The baby hears someone say "flower," and they're all "fower, fower" while they're pointing at the dog, and we pat ourselves on the back because we are raising a mini genius who will surely be a world famous botanist one day.



But hey, it's worth a shot! We like Jimmy's style!

Have you been trying to get your baby to say your name first? How's that working out for you?


Image via People

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