8 Bottles for Breastfed Babies -- Recommended By Moms

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Jun 16, 2014 Baby
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  • The 'Boob-Like' Bottle


    The bottle: Mimijumi

    Why mom loves it: "My daughter took her first bottle (Avent) just fine, but the next time I brought her to my breast, she seemed confused! I hated that, so I tried the Mimijumi bottle, which really looks like a boob, and she loved it. No nipple confusion whatsoever after that. And I loved the fact that there were only two parts to clean!"

    Where to get it: $14.99 at Mimijumi.com

  • Bottle That Keeps Milk Warm Like Breast Milk


    The bottle: Yoomi Feeding Bottle With Warmer

    Why mom loves it: "I had a feeling that the reason my daughter didn't like pumped breast milk out of the bottle was because of the temperature. This bottle comes with a bottle warmer that heats the milk up to the perfect temperature, and the shape of the nipple mimics the breast. It's kind of expensive, but when you think about the fact that you're also getting a bottle warmer, it's worth it."

    Where to get it: $35.67 at Walmart

  • Bottle for Preemies


    The bottle: Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Preemie Standard Nipple

    Why mom loves it: "I exclusively breastfeed my daughter, and when Dad or Grandma give her the occasional bottle, the only one she'll take is Dr. Brown's with the preemie flow nipple. It really helps slow the milk flow, so there's never any nipple confusion."

    Where to get it: $11.95 for 3 at Amazon


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