8 Bottles for Breastfed Babies -- Recommended By Moms

baby Even for the staunchest of breastfeeders, using a bottle can be a necessary fact of life. Whether it's because you have to go back to work, want dad to be able to feed and bond with baby, or you just want to have a night out on the town (good for you!), a bottle can become a new mom's best friend. Yet many a breastfeeding mom can tell you that introducing a breastfed baby to the bottle is easier said than done. Some babies will take a bottle no problem, but others? Not so much.

Sometimes the key to success lies in the bottle itself. And the truth is, you might have to try a few different brands and do a little trial and error to find the bottle that works for your baby. That said, there are some things you can look for at the outset to increase your chances of getting it right the first time.

We asked moms which bottles worked for them and why, and here, they share their expertise.


Are you having difficulty getting your baby to take a bottle?


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nonmember avatar MandiRose28

I'm kind of surprised the the Breast Flow Bottles by The First Years did not make this list. They have a dual-nipple disign that mimics letdown. You can actually see your baby's suckig slow down when the milk starts to flow, just like when they are nursing. Also, the nipple design forces baby to have a proper latch in order to eat. I started both of my boys on this bottle at 3 weeks old, and we had zero nipple confusion until the day they weaned (12 and 15 months, respectively). We even kept using the bottle with cow milk after dinner, and they maintained a good latch months after weaning. A bit of a pain to clean the double nipple, but SO worth it.

MomLi... MomLily67

Try the most simple, classic ones firts, Evenflo. My kids took to it easily and never had an issue between boob-bottle. Also were good at taking any other bottle or nipple, hehhhee, guess it also depends on how good an eater your baby is. Good luck mamas, be patient!!

aces_... aces_mama

Nothing ever worked for me... my son never took a bottle and I tried about 15 of them out of desperation for about 9 months. I am happy we had such a long and healthy bf relationship. I made it to 18months.

leile... leileibug

I had the same problem. My son never took to any bottle or paci. I went nonlinear and read other moms recommendation and found Lansinoh Momma! It took a second for him to latch on! I'm surprised it wasn't on the list!

Talienas Talienas

I really like Playtex VentAire. It's a 5 piece bottle but very worth the hassle, the flow doesn't have to be interrupted for air flow at all.

mydea... mydearwatson

I used the Evenflow curved wide bottles because he wouldnt take the regular skinny bottles. I used them until he got off the breast completely before switching n he did fine.

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