8 Bottles for Breastfed Babies -- Recommended By Moms

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Jun 16, 2014 Baby
8 Bottles for Breastfed Babies -- Recommended By Moms

baby Even for the staunchest of breastfeeders, using a bottle can be a necessary fact of life. Whether it's because you have to go back to work, want dad to be able to feed and bond with baby, or you just want to have a night out on the town (good for you!), a bottle can become a new mom's best friend. Yet many a breastfeeding mom can tell you that introducing a breastfed baby to the bottle is easier said than done. Some babies will take a bottle no problem, but others? Not so much.

Sometimes the key to success lies in the bottle itself. And the truth is, you might have to try a few different brands and do a little trial and error to find the bottle that works for your baby. That said, there are some things you can look for at the outset to increase your chances of getting it right the first time.

We asked moms which bottles worked for them and why, and here, they share their expertise.


Are you having difficulty getting your baby to take a bottle?


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  • Pump-Friendly Bottles


    The bottle: Medela

    Why mom loves it: "My son wasn't incredibly picky, but using the regular Medela bottles that came with my breast pump made things SO much easier for me. I could pump directly into the bottles, so when I was at work, my husband could just pull a bottle from the fridge, warm it up, and feed our son. No transferring milk between bottles, or pouring milk to/from storage bags."

    Where to get the Medela Breast Pump: Medela.com, $14.21 for 3 bottles

  • Bottles That 'Grow' With Baby


    The bottle: Avent Natural Feeding Bottles

    Why mom loves it: "I loved the shape of the bottles and the nipples ... and they came in different sizes, which was a big plus for a growing baby. Plus, they were very amazingly easy to clean!"

    Where to get them: $34.99 for 5 bottles at Avent.com

  • For Colicky Babies


    The bottle: MAM Anti-Colic Bottle

    Why moms love it: "MAM anti-colic bottles were the ONLY bottles my daughter would take, and the key? The nipple had to be medium flow. It was very difficult getting her to take a bottle, but after I realized that the slow flow was too hard for her since she was used to my overactive let down, I switched to a medium flow nipple and it was like magic! She took it and downed a three-ounce bottle instantly!"

    Where to get them: $17.98 for 2 bottles at Diapers.com

  • Bottle for the Mom Who Doesn't Want to Clean


    The bottle: Playtex Premium Designer Nurser

    Why mom loves it: "My son took to it like magic, because, out of all the bottles I tried, this one seemed to mimic the breast best. But the best part was simply pumping into the liners, then dropping them in bottle when it was time to feed. No cleaning! Which meant more time to hang out with my baby!"

    Where to buy: Both the bottles and plastic liners ($4.79 for 50) are available at Diapers.com.

  • The Eco Bottle


    The bottle: Avent glass bottles

    Why mom loves it: "I used Avent glass bottles, because I tried to stay away from plastic as much as possible," says Michele, a postpartum doula. "Also, I always recommend slow flow nipples to breastfeeding mamas. Depending on your let-down, medium or fast flow bottles can come out too quickly, and the child can then get frustrated then with the flow from the breast."

    Where to buy: $9.99 at Toys R Us

  • The 'Boob-Like' Bottle


    The bottle: Mimijumi

    Why mom loves it: "My daughter took her first bottle (Avent) just fine, but the next time I brought her to my breast, she seemed confused! I hated that, so I tried the Mimijumi bottle, which really looks like a boob, and she loved it. No nipple confusion whatsoever after that. And I loved the fact that there were only two parts to clean!"

    Where to get it: $14.99 at Mimijumi.com

  • Bottle That Keeps Milk Warm Like Breast Milk


    The bottle: Yoomi Feeding Bottle With Warmer

    Why mom loves it: "I had a feeling that the reason my daughter didn't like pumped breast milk out of the bottle was because of the temperature. This bottle comes with a bottle warmer that heats the milk up to the perfect temperature, and the shape of the nipple mimics the breast. It's kind of expensive, but when you think about the fact that you're also getting a bottle warmer, it's worth it."

    Where to get it: $35.67 at Walmart

  • Bottle for Preemies


    The bottle: Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Preemie Standard Nipple

    Why mom loves it: "I exclusively breastfeed my daughter, and when Dad or Grandma give her the occasional bottle, the only one she'll take is Dr. Brown's with the preemie flow nipple. It really helps slow the milk flow, so there's never any nipple confusion."

    Where to get it: $11.95 for 3 at Amazon


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