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11 Patriotic Pacifiers Perfect for the Tiniest Americans (PHOTOS)​

Baby Nicole Fabian-Weber May 21, 2014

patriotic pacifiersWith Memorial Day and Fourth of July just around the corner, you've likely got a lot of preparing to do. There are barbecues to attend; red, white, and blue desserts to bake; and of course, patriotic pacifiers to purchase!

Get your littlest family member in an American state of mind with one of these 11 adorable patriotic pacifiers.

1Personalized Military Camo Pacifier, $9.21

Perfect for a little one whose mom or dad serves our country!

Where to get it: Zazzle

3Nuk Orthodontic Patriotic Pacifiers, $7.83

Yay, America! Yay, red, white, and blue passies!

Where to get it: Amazon

5American Flag Baby Pacifier, $8.55


Where to get it: Zazzle

6Billy Bob Teeth Pacifier, $3.99

Okay, so it's a little scary ... but it's funny.

Where to get it: Sears

7Patriotic USA Camo Baby Pacifier, $9.21

Love the heart!

Where to get it: Zazzle

8Patriotic Pacifier Clip, $4.99

Make your otherwise plain passie patriotic with this red, white, and blue pacifier clip.

Where to get it: Etsy

9American Flag Bling Rhinestone Baby Pacifier, $18

For the blinged out baby.

Where to get it: Etsy

10Patriotic United States Pacifier, $12.95

Kinda different, kinda cute.

Where to get it: Zazzle


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