The Trick to Mixing Patterns in 1 Nursery

Discovering a nursery with bright green walls feels like a bit of a jackpot, because really, how often do you ever see such a thing? Tempered with gorgeous furniture finds, a mod rug, and the perfect kind of wallpaper, I think you'll agree that this nursery gives off happy vibes left and right. 


Mixing different patterns can be tricky, but in this case it's all working together quite nicely.


Baby Brigette apparently has red hair befitting her Scottish name.  I love the whimsy of the sign paired with the beautiful detailing on that hutch. 

It's true that the right rug can really pull a room together. I love the non-uniform pattern on this one and how the black and white play against the green. 

Gorgeous firework wallpaper and some stylish zebra artwork personalized by mom. I'm personally drawn to that stunning credenza turned changing table of course. So beautiful! 

There's definitely a lot going on in this nursery space and I still can't get over those grasshopper green walls, a bold choice to be sure! I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this space.

Would you ever dare to do something similar?

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