24 Crazy Bits of Parenting Advice From Grandma

babies crawlingThe older generation is a fount of parenting advice. Some good. Some bad. Some really, really bad! Has your mother or maybe your mother-in-law ever told you to do something with your kids that just made you cringe? Welcome to the club!

Grandma seems to be one of the worst offenders in the "doling out bad advice club." Just check out these doozies moms were told by their mothers (or his!):


1. You're not giving him the nutrients he needs (because mom was making his food fresh instead of using jars of baby food).

2. You'll spoil her (by breastfeeding and responding to her cries).

3. Put a shot of whiskey in her bottle.

4. Give the baby a bottle of warm water and cough drops (at 3 months old) to help him sleep.

5. After breastfeeding the first week, you don't need to anymore because formula is healthier.

6. Leave the (newborn) baby outside in her pram in the snow by herself "to get some fresh air."

7. You shouldn't breastfeed because it's too hard to stick to a healthy diet.

8. Don't kiss the baby on the face because you could give her herpes (even though mom doesn't have herpes).

9. It's okay to wipe from back to front because the body will naturally clean itself.

10. Use Huggies instead of the Costco brand diapers or people will think you're poor. 

11. It's okay to take the baby out of the car seat (in a moving car) if she is crying.

12. Dip her pacifier in honey so she'll "take" it better.

13. Put a piece of soap in the baby's butt to help her poop.

14. Let the kids have cake and cookies for breakfast if they want -- they have eggs in them so they're healthy!

15. The expiration dates (on car seats) don't matter if it looks new.

16. Painting a boy's toenails (per his request) will make him gay.

17. Go to the doctor ASAP if they won't stop crying after 10 minutes, because obviously something is wrong.

18. You shouldn't punish your children.

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19. Forward face the car seat right away because it is so much more convenient.

20. Feed (a child with a peanut allergy) organic peanuts because "organic foods are safer."

21. You don't really need to burp the baby.

22. It won't hurt him to sit in his dirty diaper for a few hours; you are being overprotective.

23. Add sugar to the jars of baby food.

24. Pour bacon grease on all the food of skinny kids.

Any of yours on the list, or can your bad advice from mom (or mother-in-law) top even these?


Image via Donnie Ray Jones/Flickr

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