Disgusting Breastfeeding Images Are Important for Us All to See (PHOTOS)

mom breastfeeding on toiletA new breastfeeding campaign is being deemed "controversial" by many because it features women doing what many nursing mothers have to do every day: Breastfeeding their babies in disgusting bathroom stalls. The point of this? To show that relegating nursing moms and their children to filthy, germy boxes is not okay. The campaign, called When Nurture Calls, is aiming to have a bill passed that would protect a mother's right to breastfeed in public without being harassed or discriminated -- something that happens all too often.

Kind of disgusting, right? Teeny-tiny babies hanging out in gross public restrooms -- a place they SO shouldn't be when their immune systems are so weak. Not cool. And would YOU want to eat in here?

Yes, the photos in the slideshow are a little jarring, but the fact is: They're important for people to see. Every day, mothers are made to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome for nourishing their infants when they're hungry. The woman in the bottom poster wrote on Facebook: "I have personally been harassed on numerous levels. I've heard more than just 'go to the car' and 'cover yourself,' I get more sexual comments than anything. So yeah it'd be pretty great not to have any nasty comments made while I'm feeding my child, with or without a cover."

So, what do mothers in her position do? They go to the bathroom -- often a dirty bathroom -- in order to feed their baby.

Pretty gross, right? And exactly the point of the posters.

Have you ever nursed your baby in an icky public restroom?


Images via When Nurture Calls

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linzemae linzemae

I went to a bathroom to nurse once or twice. It was purely my choice. I didn't want to do it with a cover on because they just get in the way. I also have went to my car more than once. I don't want my chest, belly or anything else out for all public to see. But I don't think it's right people telling mothers to cover up. It's nature and if you're comfortable with your chest out go for it!

Einyn Einyn

Linzemae- finally a breast feeding mama I can respect. Thank you. I'm tired of the whole I want my tits out because my baby doesn't like a cover. Totally fine but you do it in a respectful way. Amen.

nonmember avatar ClassyGurl

I don't REALLY think anyone expects a BF mom to go to the bathroom. I think they are expected to have some modesty. But some seem to think just because they are breastfeeding, they have the right to let it ALLLLLLL hang out, which is obviously NOT necessary. I have a daughter that BF, I did BF my child & I have MANY friends that have BF. Not once have I seen them go to the bathroom to feed. But not once have I ever seen their full on TATAs either.


Is it just me or does the first mom look just like an older Kendall Jenner??

Hello07 Hello07

It's interesting the "disrespect" people see when a women shows her nipples.

I never hear that same disrespect comment when talking about men's nipples or when a man is out and about topless.

But god-forbid a nipple be attached to someone with a vagina!! Oh the disrespect and lack of modesty that slut of a women is showing!!

Hello07 Hello07

Actually I never hear any talk about a mans nipples at all.

LeeshaE LeeshaE

@Hello07 in NYC it is legal for women to go topless as long as it is not sexualized.

nonmember avatar Courtney

I find that when people are opposed to moms breastfeeding in public or ask a mom to be modest it is due to their own body insecurities. Recently a family friend freaked out when I breastfed at a family barbeque. Turns out she couldn't even get naked in front of her husband. Can you say strange?

nonmember avatar kel

I breastfed but never felt the need to go to the bathroom. with my 3, I just fed them when they were hungry. I'm bIg breasted, but I was never exposed. just lifted my shirt. the baby's head covered my breast and their body covered my belly. I'm sure most people never even knew I was.nursing. I fed my babies when they needed It, but was modest about it.

wamom223 wamom223

Why do they all look like teen mom's?

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