25 Healing Uses for Breast Milk for Moms & Kids

Nicole Fabian-Weber | May 22, 2014 Baby
25 Healing Uses for Breast Milk for Moms & Kids

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They don't call it liquid gold for nothing. Breast milk is the holy grail of all, uh, bodily fluids. In addition to it being the best nutrition for a baby -- it protects against illnesses such as stomach bugs and ear infections, allergies, and much more -- breast milk has a massive amount of other uses that run the gamut from skin care to keeping the whole family healthy. That's right -- the whole family can benefit from breast milk.

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For example, a little bit of breast milk can heal diaper rash, take the sting out of an insect bite, relieve a sore throat, and even ... remove make up! Okay, so some of these uses might be a little more necessary than others. But the point is, a nursing mom isn't just producing a healthy drink for her baby -- but also a magical balm that can heal and help in a variety of ways. If she isn't able to run out and buy nipple cream or calamine lotion, she might be able to just use a few drops out of baby's milk stash to help the problem. Seriously, this stuff is a first-aid kit in a bottle. Trust us. 

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So, if moms ever happen to have some milk leftover, they should consider one of these 25 out-of-the-box uses for breast milk.

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  • Diaper Rash


    Breast milk can be used to treat inflamed, red baby bottoms. Simply dab a few drops on and let air dry before putting diaper back on.

  • Itches & Bites


    Got a mosquito bite? Dab some breast milk on -- it's said to heal itches and bites quicker than commercial remedies.

  • Makeup Remover


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    Yes, makeup remover. Breast milk can be used like a cold cream to remove makeup. Apply some to a cotton ball and swipe clean as you would store-bought makeup remover. It can also be applied directly to the face.

  • Eczema



    Breast milk can do wonders to heal dry patches of eczema, as it contains natural moisturizers. Rub a small amount onto the affected area, and it should clear up faster than it otherwise would have.

  • Cracked Nipples


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    Typically, nursing mamas use lanolin to help heal cracked and dry nipples, but breast milk may work even better. Squirt out a few drops and rub onto the affected area as often as needed.

  • Ear Infections


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    Some experts recommend parents put a few drops of breast milk in a child's ear to help clear it up faster. Simply put a few drops in every few hours. The infection may clear up quicker than with traditional antibiotics -- and it's much cheaper!

  • Poison Ivy


    Soaking a cotton ball in breast milk and applying it to poison ivy every few hours will help relieve itching.

  • Clogged Tear Ducts


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    Some moms swear by breast milk for clearing up clogged tear ducts. Apply some to a cotton ball and dab the eye area a few times a day.

  • Baby Acne


    Using breast milk on baby acne can aid in clearing it up. Rub it on baby's face with a clean finger a few times a day and let air dry.

  • Burns


    Some moms claim breast milk mixed with a little bit of mashed up blueberries works wonders on burns. Apply directly to the skin.

  • Sunburn


    Gently patting a few drops of breast milk onto sunburns helps soothe the skin and ease the pain.

  • Warts


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    Breast milk-saturated cotton balls applied twice a day on warts may dry them up faster.

  • Cold Sores & Fever Blisters


    Pat a cold sore or fever blister with a cotton ball soaked in breast milk to help promote healing and ease pain.

  • Sore Throat


    Gargling with breast milk may help relieve the pain of sore throats.

  • Congestion in Older Children & Adults


    Putting a few drops of breast milk inside a stuffed nose a few times a day may help clear nasal passages.

  • Chicken Pox


    Putting a few drops of breast milk on chicken pox sores a few times a day should help with uncomfy itchiness.

  • Rashes & Contact Dermatitis



    Breast milk can help relieve discomfort from rashes and contact dermatitis in both adults and children. Rub on skin a few times a day.

  • Wound Cleaning


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    In a pinch, if you're away from home and someone gets hurt, breast milk can be applied to wounds to keep clean until you have access to another cleaning agent.

  • Puffy Eye Treatment



    Soaking cotton balls in breast milk and applying to eyes for a few minutes can aid in depuffing eyes.

  • Milk Substitute


    For children who are sensitive to cow's milk, moms can substitute breast milk in baking and cooking.

  • Sexual Lubricant


    In need of a lubricant? Breast milk can help you with that. Put a few drops down there, as you would any lubricant.

  • Cradle Cap



    Try massaging a few drops of breast milk onto baby's scalp a few times a day to help clear up cradle cap.

  • Pink Eye



    A drop or two of breast milk expressed into a cup and then applied with a clean eyedropper a few times a day may help clear up pink eye.
  • Chapped Lips


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    Thanks to its moisturizing properties, breast milk can be applied to lips as often as you like to heal dryness.

  • Contact Lens Moisturizer


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    If you happen to find yourself with dry contacts and no rewetting drops, breast milk can be used to help moisten them. Apply a bit on your finger, rub on lenses, and voila.


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