25 Healing Uses for Breast Milk for Moms & Kids

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They don't call it liquid gold for nothing. Breast milk is the holy grail of all, uh, bodily fluids. In addition to it being the best nutrition for a baby -- it protects against illnesses such as stomach bugs and ear infections, allergies, and much more -- breast milk has a massive amount of other uses that run the gamut from skin care to keeping the whole family healthy. That's right -- the whole family can benefit from breast milk.


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For example, a little bit of breast milk can heal diaper rash, take the sting out of an insect bite, relieve a sore throat, and even ... remove make up! Okay, so some of these uses might be a little more necessary than others. But the point is, a nursing mom isn't just producing a healthy drink for her baby -- but also a magical balm that can heal and help in a variety of ways. If she isn't able to run out and buy nipple cream or calamine lotion, she might be able to just use a few drops out of baby's milk stash to help the problem. Seriously, this stuff is a first-aid kit in a bottle. Trust us. 

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So, if moms ever happen to have some milk leftover, they should consider one of these 25 out-of-the-box uses for breast milk.

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