​47-Year-Old's Surprise Pregnancy Turns Out to Be Triplets

triplets miami sharon lewisFinding out you're unexpectedly pregnant at 47 years old is usually enough of a shock, but that you're having triplets? Obviously a whole different ball game -- and what one amazing mom in Miami experienced recently.

Without the use of fertility treatments and without trying to get pregnant at all, Sharon Lewis -- who is already mom to a 25-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son -- gave birth to three baby boys on March 18 after an especially rough pregnancy. She developed preeclampsia, high blood pressure, and protein in the urine, and her doctor, Dr. Salih Yasin, decided to deliver the triplets early at 30 weeks.

Thankfully, her little boys are doing just fine. And given the chances of this happening -- up to 1 in 600,000! -- it's clear this was something of a miracle to celebrate.

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Lewis' story is also a reminder of how expectant moms are often surprised by how their pregnancies and/or deliveries turn out. Few of us end up having all of those experiences play out the way we envisioned. And for that reason and others (like stress management!), rolling with it is the best way for any mom to cope.

In the end, most curveballs like Lewis' seem to have happened for a very positive reason -- which makes an even stronger case for embracing and celebrating the unexpected!

What curveballs were you dealt in your pregnancy and labor/delivery? How did you handle them?


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nonmember avatar Emma

My son decided to come at 34 weeks right after my baby shower got home water broke when I was on the pot. As for the delivery I had a c-section so it was pretty quick I had a hard time staying awake between the drugs they put in u and just the day it self wore me out. The first thing the doc said is its a boy and he is peeing on me that was funny

TheSi... TheSilence

Surprise! Twins run in my family so I know there's a risk with every pregnancy.

Saskia Hehemann

l am a single mom from the moment l showed the biological father the positive pregnancy test so my parents assured me they'd go to the hospital with me when it was time. At the final check-up l turned up having developed preeclampsia so l had to stay. Since it wasn't touch-and-go my OBGYN told my parents it was totally safe to go home after visiting hours and have a good nights' sleep as baby wasn't coming any time soon! Well, guess what, I dialated to a nice 4 cms in a heartbeat so l was rushed to the delivery room. Because my labor went to fast they told me to call my parents immediately (my mom was my support-person) In the middle of my labor l got my dad on the phone. Apparently he turned to my mom and said:' Saskia just rang that she's in labor. l really don't know why she called....that silly girl was giggling and laughing about it!'  Of course l wasn't, l was just trying REALLY hard to ssshhh my contractions away ha ha. The story is still a real thigh-slapper at family get-togethers!

nonmember avatar OldMama

Didn't this woman have any ultrasounds? If so, three babies would have been visible and she wouldn't have been surprised. I would think that a pregnant 47-year-old would've been watched much closer by her doctor than the average pregnant woman. Nothing wrong with having a baby at 47, it's just that statistically there's more of a likelihood for problems as a woman ages.

Chels- Chels-

OldMama - I'm sure she found out she was pregnant with triplets by ultrasound not at the time of birth. I think it's just saying she was surprised by getting pregnant then surprised by finding out it was with triplets.

nonmember avatar ANALYSIS

what the hell!! is she doing getting pregnant at 47!!?!??? her and her husband should know better to use protection. that goes for both her and her husband. seriously dumb person

nonmember avatar momof7

Whether you are 27 or 47 a baby is a blessing. If she is happy and the babies are healthy then congratulations on your God given gift

nonmember avatar Rita

When I was 35 weeks I went in for a regular appointment and found that my first born had no heart beat. It was the weekend after my baby shower. What was worse than that was having to go home and prepare to deliver my baby the next day- for sure not the way I expected it to turn out! And Analysis, what a hateful thing to say! I would assume at that age you wouldnt think you need protection anymore... plus the other side of people get pregnant off of protection all the time!

Charl... Charlyla2

My son, who my doc guessed was an 8 pounder - easy, turned out to be 10lb 5 oz, 23 inches long with a giant head - born vaginally with an epidural that didn't take properly. Oddly enough I recovered faster after I had him than I did with my daughter. I had an episiotomy with him and a 2nd degree tear with her and she was considerably smaller.

nonmember avatar Angelica

My son came at 29 weeks weighing 1lb 10oz kept telling my doctor something was wrong but she didn't listen sure enough had severe preeclampsia was admitted into the hospital on November 28th and on December 8th woke up to them putting oxygen on me a couple hours lost vision in my left eye blood pressure shot up to 200/100 had my sonan hour or so later he stayed in the nicu for 3 months and is now a ccompletely healthy 1 year old no problems at all he is a little small but hey he was only 1lb at birth!

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