​​Bruce Willis' New Baby Gets a Vintage Name

emma heming willisMan, all of Demi Moore's exes are having babies right now. First, news that Ashton Kutcher is expecting a baby with fiance Mila Kunis broke. And now Bruce Willis just welcomed another baby into the world! The 59-year-old Die Hard star and his wife, Emma Heming-Willis, welcomed another baby girl on May 5 in Los Angeles. Everyone is thankfully healthy, and the couple's new baby girl weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds, 10 ounces (!).

Bruce and his wife clearly have an affinity for adorable, old-timey names, as their new daughter's moniker goes absolutely perfectly with the pair's 2-year-old girl, Mabel.

Bruce and Emma named their new addition Evelyn Penn Willis. How cute is that? And how great does it go with Mabel? Evelyn and Mabel Willis -- love! They're both such soft, girly names with a vintage twist, yet neither sounds too out there or unusual. Also, I've never heard of the name Penn for a girl. It definitely makes for a pretty fantastic middle name. It's the perfect "masculine" juxtapose to the feminine name, Evelyn.

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I kinda love that "old lady" names are making a comeback. They're super cute for babies; sweet for little girls; and, well, perfect for old ladies. 

Congrats to Bruce and Emma! And man, five daughters total, Bruce! What's your secret?

What do you think of the name Evelyn?


Image via Emma Heming Willis/Instagram

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TheSi... TheSilence

I love the name Evelyn! It's very popular in my neighborhood though so I wouldn't use it.


I think of Evelyn Lozanda.lol

irish... irishstarz

Good, strong, classic names for both girls! So refreshing.

Rita Prince

I think that when these girls grow up they will be unhappy with these silly names their parents have bestowed upon. Them.

Linda Boyd

Evelyn isn't bad but I don't like Mabel!!  One of Bruce's older daughter is named Rumer!!!  Why do celebrities always pick crazy names?   The poor kids have to live with those names the rest of their lives. 


nonmember avatar crystal

I named my daughter Evelyn she is now 2.5 mo. Old. I love the name :)

Evelyn Farmer

I love that name, I've had it for 58 years, glad to see someone named that now.Mary Evelyn Morgan Farmer. Love Bruce, his wife is very beautiful.

nonmember avatar Erin

Mabel is an acronym for Mothers Always Bring Extra Love. They used it on the sitcom Mad About You. And there is your random facts for the day.

Kathy Cutter

He is 59, what is he thinking, how selfish of him, a little old to become a new father.

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