10-Month-Old Babies Put on Diet After Tipping the Scale at 91 Pounds

obese babiesTwo 10-month-old babies, Santiago Mendoza and Isabela Caicedo, may be two of the youngest kids to ever be sent to weight loss "camp." Specifically, the obese babies -- who weigh a dangerous, collective 91 pounds -- are now participating in a special weight loss program run by Colombian health charity Gorditos de Corazon (translates Chubby Heart). Santiago's mother, Eunice Fandiño, got in touch with the foundation earlier this year, after his weight shot to 42 pounds at just 8 months old. And after she saw Santiago on TV, Isabela's mother Niyered Martinez also reached out for help.

Fandiño has said that she blames her own "ignorance" led to her son's worrisome weight, because every time he cried, she'd give him food or milk to pacify him. Still, both she and Martinez deserve to be celebrated for swallowing their pride and asking for help.

Not every parent would be able to make the sacrifice, throw up their hands, and willingly hand their child off to a specialist. Or any similarly challenging situation that has spiraled out of control, for that matter. We're often conditioned to think that moms should do their best impression of Scandal's Olivia Pope and "handle" any distressful situation that arises. But sometimes, doing right by your kid means admitting you can't handle it alone and that you need backup or even full-on intervention from an expert.

Good for these moms for doing exactly that! What their children are learning now from the foundation may just be the beginning of a lifelong journey of better health for their whole families. But with this initial plea for guidance, they've already set the stage for a better shot at staying on track. And continuing to remember that "it takes a village," and there's no shame in that, may very well be the key to their children's well-being in the long-haul.

What was an instance in which you swallowed your pride and asked someone else to help with a problem your child was having?


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Ashyb... Ashybaby13

And I thought my 30 lb 13 month old was a monster! His dad is just 6'4" so he is going to be a fellow giant but this breaks my heart. Those poor "little" babies!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Her eight month old weighs the same as my eight year old. That's disturbing. 

Taisie Taisie

The title of this article is so misleading, it is, in all honesty, a flat out lie! These babies do not "tip the scale at 91 pounds", they collectively weigh 91 pounds, which is vastly different.

nonmember avatar Megan

I thought my son was a little ham he weighed 24 pounds at his 9 month check up. But he thinned out once he started walking.

Taisie Taisie

Wow Rhonda, your 8 year old only weighs 42 lbs? She must have a very petite build?

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

My almost 6 year old weighs 41 lbs and my almost 9 year old is 60 lbs. Both tall and thin. These poor babies.

KatC2 KatC2

And that is why babies should be breast fed.

April Trostle

Only took eight comments before someone had to say something about breastfeeding. My children have both been formula fed and are both in the 50th percentile for weight.

Niki Self

breastfeeding or not, these kids should have not been pacified with food or milk, but maybe a pacifier instead. the parents are most def at fault for this. but at least they are trying to help them, i suppose...

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