​Olivia Wilde's Public Outing With 1-Week-Old Is Risky But Worth It

olivia wilde sonA little over a week after giving birth to a baby boy, Olivia Wilde was spotted out and about ... with her son. Yep, on May 1, the actress was seen walking around New York City with little Otis Alexander Sudeikis strapped to her in a baby carrier (facing inward, sorry). The mama and son were likely getting some fresh air and enjoying the sunshine. Some may think eight days is "too soon" to take a newborn out into the world since their immune systems are still so weak (some actually advise waiting at least a month to take baby out). But what are mamas supposed to do, quarantine themselves and their infants in their homes all day? No. Who wouldn't be able to resist a walk in the sunshine after being cooped up inside for a week?!

Four days after my daughter was born, we took her for her first walk. My doula advised it, and to be honest, even if she hadn't said anything, we probably would have anyway, being that we lived in a tiny one-bedroom apartment with no outdoor space (AKA, hell). It was May, so it was nice out. We dressed her appropriately and didn't let anyone touch her. It was just a half hour walk or so, and it was amazing. I can't tell you how awesome it felt to get out for the first time since giving birth. And, let's be honest, any time we put our newborn in a new setting, it's positively adorable.

Like everything with parenting, moms and dads need to be smart about taking their newborns out when they're so young. It isn't for everybody, but if you are going to do it, be sure to avoid crowed places where tons of germs likely lurk; don't let anyone who's sick or who hasn't washed their hands touch the baby; and dress the baby appropriately/shield him or her from the sun. No need to turn it into a major outing; just a simple walk around the block once or twice can do wonders for both a mama and a baby who've been stuck inside for days.

Good for Olivia for taking Otis on his first cruise around the city. My only complaint? That we didn't get a glimpse of the little cutie!

How long was it before you took your baby outside?


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nonmember avatar nikki

3 days with both. What I want to is how the pioneers and Native Americans and beyond did it? Did they stay inside their wagons and shelters until it was 'ok' to take them out? My grandma was just talking about how when she had her kids, women would've received so much grief for taking babies out before they were a month old.

nonmember avatar Lacey

We went out to dinner on the way home from the hospital. So 76 hours old? Baby was in her car seat next to daddy the whole time with a blanket over her. We have five kids with great immune systems. We don't believe in quarantine.

Senia... Seniahmom

In that first month most babies have at least two well visits in a pediatricians office. There's plenty of germs there. Not gonna sweat taking a walk.

Tracey Plummer

We went out to eat when my daughter was four days old. Of course, that's also the day I went back to work, and since I work with family, I just took her with me. She had a baby bed right next to my desk, but she was hardly ever in it. She just got passed from one family member to another all day until it was time to start kindergarten.

SRTmo... SRTmom6127

My middle child was born on December 20th, earlier then expected, and being all hormonal I felt bad that I didn't have any Christmas presents under the tree for her so I put her in the stroller when she was 2 days old and walked to the shopping center near our apartment and bought her diapers, wipes and formula to wrap and put under the tree so she would have gifts! At least I was practical in my craziness!

Amanda Joy Moore

As soon as we were out of the hospital we didn't shy away from public setting. By day 3 or 4 we were at church services and everyone was holding him and kissing on him. By 2 weeks old we went to Downtown Disney in Orlando for about an 8 outinuting, stayed in a hotel over night and then went to Wonder Works and Riley's Believe It or Not and finished the day at a busy restaurant full of out of towner and some from out of town. We all survived.

Sonjamilitarymom Norman

our first son was born overseas. After spending 8 days in the German hospital, that weekend we took our son out and about. It was -20 celius and he was bundled up. Brisk air, snow. It was awesome.

Our second son was also born overseas in Germany but at a different military base. We were not able to take him out until he was at least 1,5 month old due to surgery one week after being born. Again, it was December in Germany, cold and snow. No problem.

Our third and fourth son were born in the desert. After about 1 week both went to catch some desert sun.

nonmember avatar Amanda

The day we were discharged from the hospital (3 days old) I needed to stop at the store to buy food because I wasn't allowed to drive for the first week and being a single mom I didn't have dad there to do the driving so my friend stopped by the grocery store on the way home.

nonmember avatar Monica

With my first born we were in the hospital for a week we got home and the next day we went to the store because we were so low on groceries. With my daughter she stayed 3 days in the hospital and once we went to bring her home I stayed indoors with her for about a month and for me it was the best decision I made for the both of us.

Tori Creighton Buehler

I used to be that way, but then I had a newborn get a fever and we were sent to the ER and they took blood, inserted a catheter and took spinal fluid before hooking her up to an IV for antibiotics. We were at Children's hospital for 2 weeks. I just had another baby 2 weeks ago and knowing the absolute torture/ hell we went through with the other, I will do anything I can to avoid that trip again. Walk around the block with him strapped to me in a sling, ok. But no way I'm going to church or the mall or the store. I will be unashamedly overprotective.

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