15 Veteran Moms Reveal the Baby Items They Can't Live Without

baby productsEven if you've researched your baby registry for months on end, and brought in experts to consult on it, odds are, you're going to both register for things you don't need, and not register for things you do. Think of it as one of the many surprises of motherhood.

In order to streamline things and make your life a little easier, we asked experienced mamas what their absolute MUST was when their little one was baby (or is, if their little one is still a baby).

Here are 15 items veteran moms couldn't live without.

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Jozemom Jozemom

This can't even be real. I am seriously laughing at the ridiculous of the mothers today (I'm 30, so I'm not one to talk, but I take a pretty old school approach to parenting). The only thing I agree with is the sling (they've been used all over the world for centuries for good reason) but everything else on that list is a crock! I mean seriously, if you want to blow $22 on a trendy giraffe because they use it in France (oh, except they don't, the packaging just makes you think they do) then go ahead. But you know what else works for teething? A cold damp cloth. 

It really makes you wonder how man kind survived before $160 bouncy seats.

nonmember avatar Tessa

Our daughter has sever acid reflux and the Dr. Brown bottles have been lifesavers! Her spit up has decreased and she does not get agitated during the feeding.

MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

I've has several people gift us Sophie, and I always have to take it back, it's 100% latex and I am severely allergic!

Malib... Malibudreamin

My kids HATED Sophie. They all had no interest in her. I never used Dr Brown bottles. I used GLASS. I never " Wore " my kids. They are not an accessory. Most of this list doesn't apply to me.

Senia... Seniahmom

Meh to most the list. Yes something to baby wear (not my sling of choice listed). And I'll admit to Sophie love - we received as a gift and it was a big hit at our house. But I never would have paid for it.

1Tall... 1TallMamaCA

$22 for a teether $159 for a damn bouncer. No a veteran mom would never buy this over priced crap. A mom with multiple children would know kids out grow things way to fast. Seriously the stir is become more of a joke with evey "article".

linzemae linzemae

The bath cradle. Yes! I loved mine. She hated baths till I found that

mexic... mexicanseaf00d

Both my children had Sophie, and both loved her. My eldest daughter still plays with "Soph", and my son loves gnawing on her little legs. I've tried other teethers, but they tend to enjoy Sophie, mostly because she's like an overpriced chew toy. /: 

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE my moby wrap. I couldn't get half the things that need to get done around the house without it. It's also great for grocery shopping, and trips to the zoo. I swear, the minute I put my little guy in it, he knocks out, and it leaves my hands free for pushing my older one in her stroller/cart/holding her hand, and for filling up the cart. 

nonmember avatar Courtney

I second third and fourth the bouncer. I was given it as a present and my baby loves to sit in it. It's especially helpful for his acid reflux. I can't sit him in there after eating and there's no spit up. Not to mention it's self rocking which baby loves. I can't say enough about it. Oh yeh you can use it up to 2 years old.

Sarah... SarahHall58

The swaddle wraps are amazing.

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