Mom Uses Bathroom as Baby's Nursery & the Parenting Crowd Goes Wild

baby in cribJoanna Goddard lives with her husband, 3-year-old son, and 10-month-old baby boy in downtown Manhattan. Space is a serious luxury in NYC, and that's definitely the case for Goddard, who recently wrote on her popular blog Cup of Jo that she moved her little one's crib into one of the two bathrooms in her family's two-bedroom apartment.

She explained how she makes the space extra-comfortable for her son by placing him in a travel crib and putting a pillow between the crib and closed toilet in the bathroom. She also uses a white noise machine on the toilet lid to create a soothing mood. Goddard says it was what she needed to do to help him get as much sleep as possible, and she shares that the solution has been working really well. But unsurprisingly and disappointingly, this confession unleashed a plethora of harsh words and judgment.

Some critical reactions included concerns about safety and building codes (i.e., rooms without windows cannot legally be used as bedrooms according to city building code). But the Administration for Children's Services says the absence of windows is not deemed a potential threat. They're most concerned with babies sleeping in their own crib or bassinet to prevent SIDS and suffocation.

That should serve to hush those who are quick to judge Goddard and other parents simply doing their best to create the best sleeping arrangement given the confines of their living space. And if it's not, perhaps they could consider how everyone's living situation is unique. People live within commuting distance of their jobs or because their families are nearby. We all work with what we've got, and sometimes that means doing something unconventional to get the job done.

Ultimately, while every parent would probably love to offer their kid a swanky, plush, studio apartment-sized nursery, they just do not have the space to spare. And maybe they don't even have bedroom space to spare. As long as the alternative is clean and safe, nothing else should matter.

How do you feel about parents moving their nurseries into bathrooms or closets?


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lawye... lawyerwahm

If the child is there only for sleeping and the sleeping is being done in a crib, then I'm all for it.  Have done it myself with some oversized hotel bathrooms while traveling.  Some babies won't sleep in a room with others present.

Waiti... WaitingforApril

Mine sleeps in the bathroom. He likes the sound of the fan.

nonmember avatar onlychild

How about knowing your financial and space limitations? These parents obviously don't have room for another child. They can either move to a less crowded and more affordable part of NYC or they should have not had another child. I'm so tired of stories with selfish immature parents.

luvmy... luvmybubs

Onlychild you don't know this womans story. Maybe she got pregnant using all precautions possible. Maybe her religion doesn't allow the use of protection. Maybe it is a temporary fix to a young child not sleeping well in the room with their sibling and once they are able to, they will share a room. Which is a perfectly fine things to do. You have no clue of other people's circumstances and should not pass judgment.

goatmom4 goatmom4

becuz of my sons breathing   he slept in bathroom when he was little to help his breathing    some kids sleep in a dresser drawer  if they are feed and loved they dont need much 

Austi... Austinsmommy12

My parents debated putting my sister in their HUGE bathroom when she was born because my crib was in their room too, and there wasn't room for another. They didn't want her to be alone across the house, so the bathroom was a good solution. They ended up having her in a bassinet because she was preemie and very tiny, but had she even full term the bathroom is where she would've been until I was moved into a room by myself and she took my spot.

the4m... the4mutts

I used to have my son's bed/crib in his closet. He was an only child, and we had a 2 bedroom place. It maximized the play space, and there was plenty of air flow with the fan on. As long as the child is safe, then do whatever works.

otiesmom otiesmom

Yesss! @goatmom4

Zenezzy Zenezzy

The bathrooms in my current apartment are bigger than some of the bedrooms in some apartments I have been in.  I remember pulling my blankets into the bathtub to sleep when I was little, my sister talked too much in her sleep.  I would gladly have taken the bathroom as my bedroom. 

nonmember avatar Mercy

Onlychild, clearly you have never been to NYC. Rent prices are outrageous. It's not like the mother was putting her child to sleep on a bathroom floor with nothing to protect him/her or the bathtub. The child was in a crib. Some women don't plan on getting pregnant, and take every precaution possible but it still happens. As long as the child is fed, diapered, and loved I see nothing wrong with the child sleeping in the bathroom. It sounds like he/she was only in the bathroom to sleep, and not locked in as some sort of cruel punishment.

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