​Woman Gives Birth Just Hours After Husband's Tragic Death (VIDEO)

baby autumn marie sperryA 22-year-old Indiana woman is celebrating the birth of her daughter and mourning the death of her husband who was killed in a car crash just hours before she gave birth. Rebecca Sperry's husband Jesse was killed on April 6 when a speeding SUV rammed them from behind as they drove home from church services. Nine months pregnant, Sperry had been scheduled to be induced later that night, but instead, having survived the crash with injuries, she was airlifted and welcomed her daughter, Autumn Marie, via emergency C-section.

Today, Rebecca's speaking out about her heartwrenching story. She told the local Herald Bulletin in an emotional interview that she feels it "was a blessing to have that last moment" with her husband, and once she knew he had taken his last breath, she let herself "relax and lose consciousness. I was thinking about the baby."

Especially while in the midst of her first days of motherhood, it seems like a total uphill battle for a young woman like Rebecca to get through this devastating turn of events. But the new mom appears to be doing exactly that, in great part because she feels that having little Autumn by her side now is almost like having a part of Jesse, too.

Rebecca's parents say that Autumn looks like Jesse. And as Jesse lunged from his seat to protect her in the seconds after impact, the fact that Autumn -- and Rebecca, of course -- are still here serves as a continual reminder of his presence in the world.

And that will most likely be a constant source of solace for Rebecca. Even for parents who aren't facing the same tragic circumstances, seeing the person they love reflected back to them by their child is incredibly comforting. Seeing your partner in your little one helps reinforce that connection you have with them, no matter where they are. 

By having that, Rebecca and Autumn will be able to lean on one another for years to come, and the memory of Jesse will be something that only serves to make them emotionally stronger and bonded in an amazing way.

What words of comfort would you pass on to Rebecca and Autumn? How does your child reflect your partner?


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kayba... kaybayblee3

Oh God that made me tear up. I couldn't imagine going through that so close together.

Caren Scarbrough Wallstater

God bless the mom and baby. I know exactly what she is facing. My husband passed 4 weeks before my first child. That was 25 yrs ago. Having my baby girl reminded me daily of the love I had for this man. May your beautiful baby bring you nothing but love. I will say, I hope you have a great support system and that you have a great relationship with your in laws. This will be what makes or breaks you. You are in my prayers. Stay strong.

nonmember avatar Grace

This happened where I live in Indianapolis and it was an off duty police officer that was driving under the influence.

starr... starreyedcutie

I know her personally and i know her dad. I still cant believe this happened. Her strength is inspiring. God bless her and her baby girl.

cmjaz cmjaz

poor woman. how sad

nonmember avatar Kanique Smith

What make the situation worse is that it was an INTOXICATED POLICE OFFICER

mirac... miracleblues

Oh how my heart aches for this woman. Such a blessing and heartbreak all at once. Her strength amazes me, I truly don't know how or if I could handle something so tragic and then beautiful like that.

Mom.4... Mom.4.JSP

Talk about emotional rollercoaster..

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