9 Stylish Diaper Bags That Don't Scream 'I'm a Diaper Bag!' (PHOTOS)

Suzee Skwiot | Apr 28, 2014 Baby

diaper bags that don't look like diaper bagsThere's no need to sacrifice style just because you need something for all that baby gear. Even when it's filled with diapers, bottles, and wipes, a diaper bag can be just as trendy as your handbag (and sometimes maybe even more!).

So whether you're a fashionista, a working mommy, or even a stylish dad, there are plenty of diaper bags that won't damage your 'cool' factor. Especially when you have eco-friendly and hipster choices. 

  • 9 Stylish Diaper Bags That Don't Scream 'I'm a Diaper Bag!'

  • For the Fashionista Mom


    Image via OiOi

    The slouchy leather tote can easily double as a regular handbag, making it the perfect all-in-one purse for baby and mommy.

    OiOi, $325

  • For the Working Mom


    Image via STORKSAK

    It fits diapers, bottles, outfits, and your laptop. Go from work to taking care of the baby in absolutely no time.

    STORKSAC, $132



  • For the Stylish Dad


    Image via OiOi

    Listen up, dads! Your diaper bags are totally discreet, too. This satchel/messenger bag is totally trendy and no one will ever suspect what you're storing inside. It includes an insulated bottle holder and a large padded change mat. You'll be prepared for any on-the-go incidents.

    OiOi, $165

  • For the Traveling Mom


    Image via Jacadi

    Are you expecting some major travels with your little tyke? If so, the large diaper bag from Jacadi can fit all your baby needs, and can double as a carry-on!

    Jacadi, $166

  • For the On-the-Go Gym Mom


    Image via Skip Hop

    Active parents, listen up: this is a dual gym bag/diaper bag that can convert from workouts to days out.

    Skip Hop, $70

  • For the Organized Mom


    Image via JuJuBe

    With three front zipper pockets, two interior back wall zipper pockets, four multi-function pockets, two side pockets, and another couple back pockets, you'll have plenty of organizational options.

    JuJuBe, $180

  • For the Mom of Multiples


    Double the babies, double the gear! With this Abundance Boxy Backpack, you can store all your necessary items, and with plenty of room to spare. The backpack style also means you'll have both hands free, which let's face it, will be necessary.

    Petunia Pickle Bottom, $210

  • For the Eco-Friendly Parent


    Image via Diaper Dude

    It's for both moms and dads, and comes in countless different color (and sports team) combos! Plus, it's made out of recycled plastic water bottles!

    Diaper Dude, $98

  • For the Hipster Mom


    Image via Baby Rebellion

    Head's up, hipster mommas: this mustache-clad diaper bag is anything but mainstream! The poly-satin enclosure features one side pocket and 3 interior pockets where you can store all your cool-before-it-was-cool gear.

    Baby Rebellion, $49.95

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