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What Your Baby's Birthday Tells You About Her Personality (PHOTOS)

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The date, year, time, and place their little one is born will hold special significance to a mom no matter what. But it's also the key to learning a lot about your baby's personality! Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the AstroTwins, explore how a child's sun sign helps color their world in their new book Momstrology. It's the perfect "guide to parenting by the stars."

Here, a few highlights on each sign for any and every mom who has ever wondered what their baby will grow up to be like ...

astrological clock

What sign is your little one? Do they match up to their sun sign's description?

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the4m... the4mutts

LoL I have 1 leo, 2 Libra's, and 1 aquarius

These are all SPOT ON except for my youngest. He doesn't fit the Libra sign at ALL. He's stubborn, outspoken, and bossy. But he can also be sweet, considerate, and loving. Surrounding himself with beautiful things? Forget about it. He would break, demolish, and take apart my entire house, just to see what is inside of everything if I let him. I've had to buy him things to take apart, and put together, just to keep his hands busy. His dad was the same way.

My son tried to disassemble his grandmother's wheelchair RIGHT OUT FROM UNDER HER!!

The funny thing? His dad, my husband, did the EXACT SAME THING, AT THE EXACT SAME AGE!

When they were both 2, they sat on the floor, chatting with Rita, and got quiet. When my father in law looked for my husband, he was doing exactly what my son was doing when I looked for HIM,

laying under Rita's wheelchair, taking the screws out, one by one.

Crafty little buggers!

LeoMom83 LeoMom83

This is absolutely correct. I have a Scorpio daughter. She fits the Scorpio sign perfectly. I'm a Leo myself and also fit the sign perfectly.

colts14 colts14

:-) This fits my Gemini baby to a T.

kayba... kaybayblee3

I have two Tauruses in my house, and this fits them to the T!

abbie527 abbie527

My daughter, Abbie is a Gemini. This describes her perfectly! She is rambunctious and very out going, but around strangers or out in public she is timid and shy.

KayLu... KayLundy3

I have a libra and a Sagittarius. It sounds about right.

Melani Gatewood

I have a Virgo and it doesnt fit him at all, in fact he is the complete opposite of everything listed lol

nonmember avatar Jesse

I hate sites that make you click and click and click for a snippet of the article. I'm never visiting this site again and I barely started this article. I know you want to bump up your hits so you can charge more for ads, but I hope your advertisers know that the hits are bogus.

Tina Steele

I have a cancer and a leo. These are

Jennifer Courtney Letkiewicz

My daughter is a scorpio and that is right on but my son is a Capricorn and it isn't even close. He's very sweet, generous, and a people pleaser. He's the "citizenship award" at school kid. Lol

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