What Your Baby Nursery Says About You​ (PHOTOS)

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Apr 23, 2014 Baby
What Your Baby Nursery Says About You​ (PHOTOS)

nurseryEvery baby nursery is different. And each, particularly early on in a little one's life, reflects the parent's style, as opposed to the newborn's. Because, uh, newborns don't have style.

How did you style your child's nursery? Chandeliers and frilly pink everywhere? A dinosaur theme? White walls with bright pops of color? Whatever the decor, it speaks volumes to the kind of person and parent you are.

Here's what your baby's nursery says about you. You know you're curious ...

What kind of nursery do you have?


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  • The Picture-Perfect Dwell Studio/Martha Stewart Nursery


    Harper & the Hare/Instagram

    You skimped on nothing. There's not a stuffed animal or pillow that was a hand-me-down in your child's room. And it wasn't cheap. Every single corner of the nursery is thought-out, and of course it's painted in the latest "it" Benjamin Moore color. It looks like it could be on the cover of a magazine, and you have Pinterest and your jam-packed "Baby Nursery Inspiration" board to thank for that.

    What it says about you: You're Type A, and you don't mess around when it comes to your domicile (just ask your friends). When you host a party, it goes off without a hitch. When you bake a dessert, it never comes from a box. And you would never dream of not picking up that piece of lint on the floor that you spotted when you walked in. You're responsible, reliable, and crafty. And although your baby's not yet born, you've got his Halloween costumes for the next 10 years picked out. And you might have already started sewing them.

  • The All-Organic Nursery


    Harper & the Hare/Instagram

    Your baby's nursery is a combination of ethereal whites, tans, and browns. No harsh colors here; only a soothing palette, please. And everything in the space -- the crib mattress; the drapes; the clothing -- is all natural and organic. The thought of putting anything plastic or polyester in your child's room triggers your gag reflex.

    What it says about you: You're, need I even say it, an earth mama, hippie type. But be honest: You're a little judgy, despite your all-natural, green juice-drinking ways. Logically, you know that when it comes to parenting, it's to each his own. But you just want to help! I mean, how is letting a newborn gum a BPA-filled toy car even legal anymore?!

  • The Frilly, Foo-Foo Princess Nursery


    Ted Dayton Photography/Beateworks/Corbis

    Hot pink, light pink, baby pink. It's all there. A giant chandelier likely hangs in the center of the room -- in, duh, pink. And your little one's name is stenciled on the wall with a tiara as the dot on the "I."

    What it says about you: Maybe it's your first, or maybe it's your first girl, but you've dreamed about having a little girl your entire life. (You might have even bought a few lacy baby dresses long before you were even engaged.) Gender stereotypes aren't even on your radar, and you're counting down the minutes until you can dust off your old Barbie and her pink corvette.

  • The 'Transportation' Nursery



    You're having a boy, and you've decorated his room with all things that go vroom!: Pictures of firetrucks; a wooden choo-choo train on his dresser; a crib sheet with cars. The walls are a shade of blue, and you can't WAIT to see your little one in those school bus jammies you recently purchased.

    What it says about you: You're practical; you likely had brothers growing up; and home decor doesn't rule your life. You had a nice time setting up the nursery, but you're more excited to take your little guy hiking in the awesome stroller your sister-in-law just bought you.

  • The Non-Nursery


    2/Bloom Productions/Ocean/Corbis

    Nursery? Ha! The room that will eventually be your child's is still your office/storage area/treadmill room. You've got the bassinet or cosleeper set up in your room; a package of diapers at the foot of your bed; you're good to go.

    What it says about you: You're slightly disorganized in life, but that's okay. You think it's more important for your baby to room with you the first few months of her life, as opposed to an overly-styled nursery they won't even get to appreciate. You probably didn't find out the sex of the baby; it's not a priority to you. You just want to meet your little one, and, for the record, sleepless nights don't scare you.


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