Drew Barrymore's Baby Name Sounds Like a Nickname But It's Not

drew barrymoreDrew Barrymore and husband Will Kopelman have officially given little Olive a baby sister!

The actress announced today that she has given birth to baby #2, and we're completely loving the unisex and somewhat vintage name.

Little Frankie Barrymore Kopelman was born this morning, and the proud parents have announced that “Olive has a new little sister, and everyone is healthy and happy!”

How cute is that name? It's not actually short for Francesca -- which is where the nickname is originally from -- and it stands perfectly well on its own.

Frankie is definitely a little old-school (think Valli and Avalon), a bit informal, and certainly unisex. The name immediately makes us think of Frankie Muniz, but also works for girls -- after all, British pop star Frankie Sandford totally rocks the name.

And how great is it that Drew's last name is the baby's middle name? Better yet, big sis Olive has the same middle name/last name combo too, so the two little ladies are totally in sync! Just think: Olive and Frankie. There's definitely a duo in the making right there!

What do you think of Frankie for a girl?


Image via drewbarrymore/Instagram

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super... supermama322

I love it a lot. We had a lady at the care home I worked at named Frances. She went by Frankie and I always thought it was so sweet

Jen137 Jen137

My daughter has a friend who's name is Frankyann.


I love it! Congrats to them!

justi... justinnaimee

It makes me think of the show The Middle.

cherylam cherylam

Congratulations to the parents and big sister on a healthy baby.

nonmember avatar me

I dont like it but what weirds me out more is that picture. Why is she holding her boobs?

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