8 Modern-Day Parenting Contraptions Non-Parents Find Just Plain Weird​ (PHOTOS)

breastpumpThere are many unseemly realities you only first begin to understand after you become a parent. Particularly when it comes to baby gear. Seriously! Before then, it's just blissful ignorance ... 

In that long, first year of parenthood, most new moms and dads find themselves leaning pretty heavily on at least one ingenious baby invention. Some of those "kid contraptions" actually become absolute lifesavers! Don't bother trying to explain 'em to your friends though. For non-moms and dads, these baby doohickeys will always be just plain odd.

Here are 8 modern-day baby contraptions that non-parents will never understand (well, until -- if and when -- they have a kid of their own).


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