8 Modern-Day Parenting Contraptions Non-Parents Find Just Plain Weird

Nicole Fabian-Weber | Apr 25, 2014 Baby

breastpumpThere are many unseemly realities you only first begin to understand after you become a parent. Particularly when it comes to baby gear. Seriously! Things can get out of control and the money you spend on baby gizmos ... well, let's just say you don't need everything they tell you that you do. But there are some things that folks find themselves buying that seem a little ... strange? Definitely not something one imagines before baby arrives. 

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In that long, first year of parenthood, most new moms and dads find themselves leaning pretty heavily on at least one ingenious baby invention. Some of those "kid contraptions" actually become absolute lifesavers! Don't bother trying to explain 'em to your friends though. For non-moms and dads, these baby doohickeys will always be just plain odd.

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Here are 8 modern-day baby contraptions that non-parents will never understand (well, until -- if and when -- they have a kid of their own).

  • Slings


    Ever notice how people who've never known the glory of the sling are constantly asking if your baby is suffocating?

  • Baby Food Makers


    For the average person, the normal way to steam and mash up food is to, well, steam and mash up food. Not for parents. We invest in expensive baby food makers that look like miniature food processors. Why? Because they're so dang awesome.

  • Shopping Cart Covers


    Non-parent: What's that?

    Parent: A shopping cart cover. It keeps the germs away.

    Non-parent: But doesn't your baby come in contact with germs anyway?

  • Amber Teething Necklaces


    To you, it's the cure-all for your miserable, teething baby. To a non-parent, it's a death trap waiting to choke your baby.

  • White Noise Machines


    Parents will do anything -- even play weird background noise -- to get their little one to sleep.

    Just wait. They'll see.

  • Breast Pumps


    When you're not a parent, breast pumps are weird. Really weird. They literally milk a woman's boobs. And so. Many. Parts! If your friends can't wrap their heads around breast pumps, don't even try to explain how you do it hands-free!

  • Nipple Shields


    Do I even need to elaborate?

  • Video Baby Monitors


    I'm sorry, for anyone who doesn't have a kid, a video baby monitor just looks like Paranormal Activity.

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