The Perfect Swedish Style Nursery Has All the White Stuff

I've always been a fan of Scandinavian style, and if they do one thing really well, it's making everything seem as light and bright as possible. We can thank all the white for that! This room for little Willa has some magical things going on -- from oddly angled ceilings to that lovely scalloped rug you can see above.

The deep purple of that dresser is divine and that clock poster is actually a birth announcement. How cool is that?! 

Angled ceilings like this one can be a challenge for grown-ups to navigate, but small-frys seem to get a long just fine. The white cabinet looks right at home tucked perfectly into that nook, looking like it belonged there all along. Also, did you notice that super awesome bat-girl print on the wall? It was designed by Willa's graphic designer parents; in fact, all the prints in this room were done by them. 

Tee-pees make for the best hideaways with handy material hanging out on shelves close by.

No need for closets here, an exposed garment rack makes for a perfect display and storage solution. 

This space definitely posed some design challenges with its angled ceilings and odd shape, but I think Della's parents met that mountain head on and came out on top. It is certainly a lot of white, but I really enjoy the contrast with some of the furniture and prints in the room. I'd love to hear if you've ever dealt with some difficult design features in your child's room (weird ceilings, small space, no closets, etc.), let's talk it over in the comments below!




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JS0512 JS0512

Adorable room.  Side note - the little girl's name is Della (clicked through to the original post & saw it there).

nonmember avatar OldMama

I like the idea of an exposed clothing rack with no closet door.

Also, when babies are very young, they have the easiest time seeing black and white, hence the rug on the floor.

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