A Beautiful Little Nursery Full of Balloons, Bees, & Bright Pops of Color

Those with multiple children know that every baby after first often gets the shaft when it comes to a special space to call their own. Second and third babies are the ones stashed in a bassinet beside Mom's bed for 6 months and then moved to a crib that is squeezed into a corner of big sister's room. A friend of mine's third baby slept in a swing for what seemed like an entire year!

This is a nursery for a third child, and it's full of items that have been used in other rooms and for other functions, which in my opinion makes this little nursery all the more magical. Use what you have, add in a few new things where needed, and make it work beautifully. See more of this delightfully eclectic space below! 


The crib is a basic IKEA model dressed up with new linens. My eyes are drawn to the lovely hot air balloon hanging above. So fun!

I'll never stop loving decals -- they're such a great way to dress up your walls without a long-term commitment. Golden bees and a "golden days" print -- yes! The baskets hung above the changing table are super handy too. The shelves were a DIY project and were filled with mementos and treasures the family has collected through the years. 

You can't miss that amazing rug, a splurge from Anthropologie. Doesn't it look like just the right kind of soft -- and full of color too! You can just barely see the old dresser on the right which was given new knobs and a coat of paint to freshen things up. 

Lots of fun things going on in this space. I'm loving the bright colors and stylish re-use of certain pieces and family treasures.

I'd love to hear if you've done something similar when decorating rooms for you additional children. Let's discuss in the comments below!


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