Huge Car Seat Recall: Everything Moms Need to Know

Parents, get ready to climb into the backseat of your cars, because we have a car seat recall on our hands. Popular manufacturer Evenflo is recalling 1.3 million convertible car seats and booster seats over a harness crotch buckle, which the company says "may become resistant to unlatching over time."

Worried your child is in danger of getting stuck in an unlatching car seat? Here's everything parents need to know about this recall:

evenflo recalled car seat1. The Evenflo recall includes seats made from 2011 through 2014. The buckle may become "resistant to unlatching," the company says, "due to exposure to various contaminants (like food and drinks) that are present in everyday use of the convertible car seat or harnessed booster by toddlers."

2. The recalled models are as follows: Momentum 65, Momentum 65 LX, and Momentum 65 DLX; Chase, Chase LX, and Chase Select; Chase LX and Chase DLX; Maestro and Maestro Performance; Symphony 65, Symphony 65 E3, Symphony LX, Symphony DLX, and Snugli All-in-One; Titan 65 and SureRide DLX; and Secure Kid LX, Secure Kid DLX, Secure Kid 100, Secure Kid 300, Secure Kid 400, and Snugli Booster.

3. The affected seats have model number prefixes of 306, 308, 310, 329, 345, 346, 371, or 385.

4. Evenflo has received no reports of injury, and the company says the seats meet all federal crash standards. The only issue is the buckle, and if your buckle is working, Evenflo says there is no reason to stop using the car seat while you wait for a remedy kit.

5. Remedy kits are available -- free of charge -- by calling 1-800-490-7591 between 8 a.m. (ET) and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or visiting the Evenflo site. You can also clean the buckle yourself, using Evenflo's instructions.

Has your child ever become trapped in the car seat? What did you do to get them out?


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nonmember avatar iyisha

Well this is lovely because of this I decided to check out my three kids car seats manufacturing number to see is any of them have been recalled .... Well three car seats later and , every one of them have been recalled for reasons that can't be fixed , now what am I going to do ? At least now I know

ABCMo... ABCMomma0211

Uhm so they get sticky because of every day use????? How is this needed for a recall....its called WASH the damn buckle and seat....

nonmember avatar italianbaby

Seriously that's not a big deal, just clean it! Its just BC of all the overprotective parents.

.anon... .anonymous

Same thing happened with Graco recently.

sarah... sarahfaith123

My DH has the graco recalled for the same reason when his got stuck I took DS boot off and had him pull his leg through but we were just home in the driveway. He's waiting for he replacement kit still. Could probably remove the buckle and soak it to remove the grime

Mrseoc Mrseoc

I am obsessive about my kid's car-seat staying clean. There is no food anywhere on the seat belts of her car seat. They are recalling a product because it loses function when not cared for properly. Clean your kids' car-seat and there will be no issue.

nonmember avatar meg

Its not food or whatever making the buckle stick because the first time I used mine it was hard to unbuckle I thought it would become easier the more it was used 2years later its still a pain in the ass to unbuckle

nonmember avatar sharon

Thank you all the info We needed on the car seat recall by evenflo was on your site. Couldnt get that same info from CPSC or the evenflo site -

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