6 Things That Go Through a Mom's Head When Baby Wakes Crying

crying babyYou're fast asleep, sleeping the sleep that only an exhausted mom can sleep, when you hear it. Your baby is crying. At first it's faint. But as the clouds of consciousness slowly part, you have to admit: You are not hearing things. This is not a dream. Your baby really has woken up. And you -- or someone -- has to do something about it. Arghh! Again?!? Here are all the thoughts we have when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night.

Denial: Maybe it's just a cat? Yeah, it's probably just a cat outside. We'll go with that.

cat in space

Irritation: Ugh, it's definitely my baby crying, not a cat. So annoying ... I was fast asleep. This is so very inconvenient for me. I just want to keep sleeping. I NEED to keep sleeping.

trying to sleep

Shame and Panic: I am the worst, most selfish mom ever for feeling annoyed -- what if something's seriously wrong? OMG, what's wrong with my baby? Is she sick? Tangled in the bedding? Scared?


The Pep Talk: Okay, seriously, I need to get out of bed now. What would Olivia Pope do? She'd say, "It's handled!" and get her ass out of bed. Also, she wouldn't have a baby.

it's handled

Resentment: You know, it's really irritating how the baby's crying always wakes me up, but my husband consistently snoozes through it like he has selective hearing or something.


Moment of Clarity: Hey, wait a minute! It's my husband's turn to get the baby. YAAAS! I will wake him now.


What are your thoughts and feelings when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night?


Image via Valentina Powers/Flickr

baby sleep


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Jeshoffm Jeshoffm

"Please don't wake your brother please don't wake your brother please don't wake your brother"

Katie Amblod

please dont wake your sister up!

iicar... iicarmerin

If I just wait a minute she'll go back to sleep. Sigh, it never happens.

nonmember avatar nikki

Anyone else wake up thinking the baby's crying only to see them sound asleep...I think I get auditory hallucinations automatic after 3 hours uninterrupted sleep.

Mom2J... Mom2Just1

I just go get him. At this point I know he is going to wake!

MyNam... MyNameIs-

Nikki - I call it "Phantom Baby". Drives me nuts!!

Heather Rogowski Bystrzak

I get the phantom baby all the time. I have a 3.5 year old and 10 month old twins. I will wake to crying or just be about to fall asleep and hear it but I look at the monitor and its not registering. It is so annoying! After my eldest was born, I had PPD and I constantly, all night long heard him crying. It would be to the point I didn't sleep all night long even though he never woke up. I had to go on meds for it. Now it just happens randomly not for hours at a time, thank God!

Ashley Ordiway

my thoughts are give it a minutes she's gonna go back to sleep, and she does.....most of the time. there are also the times where i can hear her at 2 am talking a laughing to herself and i cant help but get up and play with her for a few minutes before tucking her back in.

nonmember avatar jenni

I am immediately scared that something is seriously wrong and run as fast as I can to him! I've heard of too many babies dyimgnfrom SIDs!! It happens too fast and too easy!

nonmember avatar Brena

@heather Omg I did the same thing! It drove me nuts with my son. PPD is literally one of the worst things in the universe.

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