Baby Born With 1/2 a Heart Beats the Odds & Inspires Us All (VIDEO)

gracieJust 16 weeks into her pregnancy, expecting mom Candie Baber got disturbing news: Her unborn baby had a life-threatening heart condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Essentially, baby Gracie was born with half a heart. "It was really hard," Baber says, "because it's like someone telling you your baby is not going to be OK." And yet amazingly, Gracie is now 4 months old and thriving enough to go home with her family.


Gracie has endured two surgeries and five procedures in her short little life, and the struggle isn't over for her. She's on oxygen and has more surgeries in her future -- including open-heart surgery in a few months. Both of her parents had to stop working for a few months and focus on Gracie, so there's also mounting financial strain on this little family.

But it's still amazing to see what a fighter this baby has been. If she can make it this far, surely she can make it through whatever other procedures she has coming. She may have only half a heart, but what heart she has shows incredible strength and resilience.

In spite of all the stress and worry, witnessing a baby fight and survive this way must be awe-inspiring. It would be a privilege to be her parents, I think. And I can imagine the gratitude Grace's parents must be feeling. Hopefully, medical technology will keep up and help enable her to live the long, full life she deserves to live.

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What would keep you going if your baby was born with a life-threatening condition like this one?


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