Bulldog Puppy Kissing Baby Makes Everyone's Day but the Baby's (VIDEO)

bulldog puppy and baby

There's really nothing more irresistible than puppies and babies -- except maybe when you put the two of them together in the same room. And if you need a good dose of melt your heart cute today -- this video of a bulldog puppy kissing a baby over and over again will certainly fit the bill.

I mean, this puppy is about as adorable as puppies get, and the baby is all sorts of sweet too. But even though anyone with a pulse will find this irresistible, the baby in question doesn't exactly seem amused about having her face licked.

Get ready to laugh.


OMG. Priceless. She kept looking up at her parents like, "What the hell is the matter with you guys? This dog is slobbering all over me and he just stuck his tongue in my ear and for crying out loud will you DO something to stop this already?!?"

But I guess we can't blame them for letting this pup smooch their kid to his heart's content. It's way too precious to put a stop to!

Does your dog love your baby?


Image via suburbanbullies.com/YouTube

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