Would You Dye Your Baby's Hair?

My baby doesn't really have any hair yet. That's a wig she's wearing in the picture. We only make her wear it when we're out in public. (Kidding! Kidding!) Anyway, I'm not sure what color her hair is going to be—sometimes it looks blonde, sometimes it looks red, and sometimes it looks brown. She's keeping us guessing.


But whatever color it is, I'll adore it. Not so for Anonymous who posted this question to Answers: "When can we color our baby's hair? Our baby is 2 months and we want to dye it."

Lots of moms responded and brought up how the chemicals in hair dye could be bad for the baby, or how she should wait until the baby is older before she dyes it, and other moms gave her advice on where to buy hair dye and how to do it.

Here are a few of my favorite responses:

"My mom dyed my hair green when I was a baby and I'm fine." —Chucklowee

"You should wait until your baby's hair turns gray—in about 40 years." —Anonymous

"The baby is lucky to even have hair at two months! So many kids are still bald at that age. How is this child ever going to develop a positive self-image if the mother is contemplating changing the child's appearance at two months of age?" —Danielle720

"What color do you want to dye it?" —SpiffyMom

So what do you think Baby Mamas? Would you dye your baby's hair?

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