Mom Arrested for Breastfeeding While Drinking Didn't Know Any Better (VIDEO)

tasha adams mom jailed breastfeeding drinkingDid you even know you could be arrested for this? Actually ... you can't, at least it's not technically illegal in Arkansas. A mom was arrested for breastfeeding while drinking after an off-duty waitress spotted her at a restaurant. Tasha Adams says she and her parents ate some pizza and spinach dip, and then she drank two beers. She also nursed her 6-month-old baby. After the waitress (who was not serving her) called the police, Adams was jailed and charged with child endangerment. Drinking and breastfeeding, oh my -- is it really that bad?!?

Adams admits she drank and breastfed her baby. "I didn't know it was illegal," she adds. "If I'd known it was illegal, I wouldn't have done it." Actually, where Adams lives, it's not technically illegal as long as you don't drink to the point where you can't care for your child.

In Adams' case, the police didn't give her a breathalyzer test, and the charges were dropped because they couldn't prove she was too intoxicated to care for her baby. The waitress who accused Adams claims she wasn't drinking beer, she was drinking something stronger. Regardless, it's still alarming that breastfeeding while drinking would land a mother in jail.

We've asked this question before: Is it safe to drink alcohol if you're breastfeeding? The American Academy of Pediatrics says it's all right to have a drink on rare occasions just as long as you wait two hours after drinking before you breastfeed. Alcohol will go into your breast milk, and we just don't know enough about how alcohol affects a newborn's brain. The AAP urges moms to play it safe.

Alcohol can actually inhibit the production of milk. But what about the popular wisdom that drinking beer is good for milk production? Apparently, some of the ingredients used to brew beer have been shown to boost lactation, if imbibed in moderation.

I would estimate that of the mothers I know, most of us drank a glass of wine or beer maybe once a week while we were breastfeeding. But we were also very mindful of that two-hour rule. I've even seen women express milk into a sink after indulging in a cocktail.

It's one of those parenting calls that makes some of us nervous. We all have to balance being a responsible parent with keeping our kids' best interest foremost in our minds. I know I don't want to completely surrender everything to a squeaky-clean idealistic parenting lifestyle. But I also want to raise a healthy child, safely.

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How do you feel about drinking and breastfeeding?


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nonmember avatar blue

Are you kidding me. OF COURSE, she knows she can't drink literally while a baby is nursing. What an idiot. I hope CPS was called. I have no issues with breastfeeding moms drinking. But to do so while your baby is nursing from your plain stupidity.

IHear... IHeartCake

My opinion, avoid al alcohol and smoking while pregnant or breastfeeding.  I don't understand why so many women feel the need to continue drinking wine, beer, or other drinks when pregnant or breastfeeding.  It's not that difficult to give up.  Why risk any potential risk to your child?  You can also buy alcohol-free beer and wine or order a non-alcoholic cocktail at a restaurant.

nonmember avatar Gypsy

It should be illegal to be a nosy, busy-body that has to be in everyone else's business. It was NOT this waitress's place to stick her nose and two cents into someone else's life. If it does not directly concern you or someone in your immediate family, you have NO right to interfere. This shit has to stop!

nonmember avatar Jen

This is just silly. Have any of these people been to Europe, or any other part of the world where alcohol is commonly and responsibly consumed and not viewed through the bizarre, puritanical lens of being taboo for mothers?

Hello07 Hello07

Iheartcake: I get were you are coming from but as a Sicilian women I gotta tell you wine is very much a normal part of life. I was given a glass of red wine fr a very young age, as was everyone else in my family. I wouldn't have thought twice before eating dinner with a glass of vino and the feeding my child a little bit later, granted I always feed them first before I had eaten so it had been a few hours before they feed again.

Bit idk everyone in my family has lived well into there 90's and early 100's. Maybe it's just good jeans but I'd like to think all that wine and good foo had something to do with it.

nonmember avatar Guest

Actually,drinking a beer as you are feeding or right after you have fed your baby is the best time to do it. The beer doesn't immediately go into the milk (your baby is drinking already produced milk). After the feeding and the beer you would of course need to wait a few hours. I have never had a drink while pregnant, but after my son's feeds became predictable (never wanted to risk him needing to cluster feed for a beer) I would have an occasional beer or glass of wine immediately after I fed him once a week/2 weeks. Once he was sleeping through the night, I never worried about a beer after he went to bed. The likelihood that this woman's drink immediately went to her breast milk as she was feeding is very low (unless she was drinking something stronger than a beer. If she fed the baby as she was drinking her first drink, a 6 month old would not need to feed again until after the drinks were out of her system. Would I personally risk 2 drinks in a row, most likely not, but it is certainly not child abuse.

Elaine Cox

gypsy..busy bodies...the stir....irony....

nikiself nikiself

i see nothing wrong with drinking a glass or two of alcohol while breastfeeding, its not illegal and some doctors may even advise to do so to help boost milk, i have drank a glass of wine  WHILE  feeding my daughter when she was breastfeeding. she is jjust fine. so is my son...

Torra... TorranceMom

Good grief!  Is it really that difficult to lay off the sauce while you care for your kid(s)?!?   

Frost... FrostyMelted

Nosy people like that waitress should be caned for being a public threat to sanity. 

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