My Baby Threw Up on a Flight Attendant

baby in carseat

photo by cassy_rose

A few weeks ago I ran a contest for a Jeep Trek Travel-Easy Playard (AllAboutKeeley and richgirljj were the two lucky winners) and asked moms to answer the question: "What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you while traveling with your baby?" There were so many hilarious responses. In case you didn't see them, the highlights are here ... just in time to get you psyched up for your holiday travel.


"We were standing in line to get something to eat at a rest stop and my daughter farted very loudly. My wonderful hubby said, 'Priscilla!' also very loudly and everyone looked at me. There was no point in trying to say it was her and not me. I just stood there very red faced!" —Peajewel

"When we were on a flight from California to North Carolina, my son decided to squeeze my boobs in front of everyone at any given chance he had! It was pretty embarrassing. This happened several times during our flight. The people around us were laughing so hard, which I think enticed my son to keep doing it!" —mypoohbear

"Another woman and I were in the restroom off the Florida turnpike, and we commented on how we loved our strollers (they happened to be identical). She offered to watch my little one while I tinkled and visa-versa. As we were leaving, I looked at my son and said, ‘Come on honey,' all the while pushing this woman's daughter out the door! Boy was my face red!"—Marine88Mom

"When flying out of St. Louis airport with my son, the security people got some hair up their butt thinking I was a drug smuggler or something. Not only did I have to remove my son from his baby carrier to be wanded—they stripped him, searched his diaper, emptied our entire diaper bag on the floor, searched everything in it (momma's tampons were in the bag), and took apart our carseat and stroller. I've never been stared at by so many people in my entire life."—sweetashyb

"When my daughter was almost a year old, we were at a Chinese restaurant. She had been eating orange jello and this older lady came up to talk to her. Ryleigh threw up orange jello all over me, the table and this random stranger."—RyleighsMomma

"We were driving on the Ohio Turnpike and my husband went to roll his window down but rolled down my daughter’s instead. She threw her cup out the window and the wind caught it. It flew back and hit the windshield of the car behind us and cracked it! We got lucky and our insurance paid for it, but you can bet the explanation on what happened was interesting!"—CadysMom

"My son decided to pee on my mom at the Atlanta airport in an overcrowded bathroom and play in it like a sprinkler. I turned away and started laughing."—armyissuedwife2

Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences. If you've got an embarrassing travel story to share, we'd all love to hear it!

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