9 Ridiculous Places That Have Hassled Breastfeeding Moms

mom breastfeedingWho's ready for the day when breastfeeding in public is really no big deal? Anyone? Bueller? Come on guys! Don't answer all at once! This is one of the biggest problems breastfeeding moms have ... there are still too many places, not to mention too many people, that present hurdles for women who just want to nurse in peace.

But what really gets my goat are the headlines about moms being hassled for feeding their babies in places where you'd absolutely expect for folks to have her back! Take the news this week of a mom who was hassled for breastfeeding her 6-week-old ... in a HOSPITAL!

What the what?

Sadly, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Check out these bizarre places that gave moms beef for breastfeeding:

1. At a city recreation center. Nothing screams child friendly like a recreation center that caters to family, right? Well, tell that to the folks in Burleson, Texas where a mom got grief for nursing her 16-day-old baby while watching her elder daughter's dance class.

2. At a library. Libraries are for everyone, right? They're free spaces that encourage us to broaden our horizons and free our minds? Well, except the library in North Carolina that told a mom she would have to hide out in a nursing room if she wanted to feed her 2-month-old because the other patrons were acting like real boobs about it. No public breastfeeding here!

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3. At a school. Where there are schools, there are kids, right? And where there are kids, there are moms ... at least it would stand to reason. But a school in Georgia out-right banned breastfeeding on the premises a few years ago, and it's not the only one to give moms an issue for nursing. A mom who dared breastfeed her child during a parent/teacher conference last year -- you know, trying to be there for BOTH of her kids -- was informed by the teacher that what she was doing was "not appropriate."

4. At Victoria's Secret. OK, so not exactly a child-friendly place necessarily. But we are talking about an establishment that's nearly synonymous with boobies. And yet a Texas woman was told she couldn't whip hers out to feed her baby at the store.

5. At Head Start. Do you know what Head Start is? It's a federal program meant to give kids the best start possible in life ... you know, kind of like breastfeeding? And yet a Washington Head Start told a mom that nursing her 13-month-old was a no go on their premises!

6. At the American Girl Store. They sell expensive dolls to kids, and guess who pays for them? Yup, Moms! But one mom said she was forced to hide out in a fitting room to breastfeed while employees stood outside, bad-mouthing her!

7. In church. You may believe that God created mom's body to feed her child, but a columnist for a Texas magazine was horrified that woman actually breastfed in God's house! Another mom was harassed for nursing in a Mormon church!

8. In a kiddie pool. When you hear the words kiddie pool, what comes to mind? Oh, right, a bunch of CHILDREN! It's a place for them ... and for their moms, right? Well, not exactly, at least not for the mom who was harassed for feeding her 10-month-old in the kiddie pool at a water park in Colorado.

9. In family court. Once again, let's key in on the first word here: family! No one really likes to go to family court, but it is, after all, a place where a lot of moms end up ... and it's supposed to be a place where they're looking out for the best interests of a child. And yet a nursing mom got escorted out of Connecticut family court for daring to feed her 3-month-old!

Folks, if these kid and mom "friendly" places don't get it, how are we supposed to get the REST of the world on board?

Have a hassled for breastfeeding story? What happened?


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Coles... Coles_mom

I don't get this. I have breastfed all three of my kids for extended times...I STILL breastfeed my almost two year old, yet I have never, not once breastfed in public. I would be terribly uncomfortable. When my kids were super small and needed to eat often and on demand, I would just go out to my car and crank up the air conditioning and radio and do it that way...then I'd hop back out and go back into the store/restaurant/get together. If I was in someone's house, I'd ask to use a back bedroom. Get this...I've never even breastfed in front of my husband!! And we're talking about over SIX years of collective bf'ing! It's a personal and bonding time between me and my baby and I'm exceptionally modest. I have no desire to just "whip out a boob in public". I think breast is best and I'm a big advocate and of course, it's the most natural thing in the world...doesn't mean I want every Tom, Dick, and Harry eyeing my breasts. Also, I don't want to see yours.

nonmember avatar Gina

I'm all for public nursing. I had no shame and used no cover nursing my child. However, there are some places that you just be polite. The pool? Get out of the water. That's not hard. At a store that provides a nursing room? Use it. If it's there then the establishment doesn't really want you to nurse while browsing the racks. Trust me. I've nursed in elevators, parks, boats, other people's houses, stores and at the beach yet i always knew which place i should show some courtesy. And don't think i wouldn't tell someone off for harassing me. Been there and done that. Timing, people. Timing.

nonmember avatar Nicole

Honestly, I'm more bothered by the previous poster who wouldn't nurse in front of her husband.

nonmember avatar Alejandra ceja

I breastfed my baby for year and a half, and im planning to do it for the next baby im expecting, i live in mexico where brestfeeading is quite normal, encouraged, and not frowned upon, i used to do it in restaurants, or malls or the movies, wherever i went, but i sure think there are ways, i allways cover up in public, my boobs arent for public display!!

Mum2D Mum2D

I've only covered up while nursing on one occasion, and that was when my DSS had a friend stay the night and tbh the kid made me uncomfortable. I've nursed my son at the ice cream shop, grocery shopping, and even while walking to the laundromat. Leaving wherever we at and going go the car to nurse is not an option where I live. Do you know how long it takes to cool the car down when it is 105 outside?

nonmember avatar Brena

If the place offers a private place (that is clean and acceptable) to nurse, why make a fuss? I'd rather spend that time in privacy, relaxing and bonding with my daughter, than deal with a whole bunch of craziness while trying to feed my child. So yeah, I'm actually grateful for nursing rooms.

And I would NEVER feed my child (bottle, breast, or solid) in a public pool... Especially a kiddie pool. That just screams "I want my child to catch something!".

SaphireH SaphireH

i for the most part would use a cover in public which i still got dirty looks for when i would feed in the nursing lounges that happened to be on the way to the female rest rooms but if it started bugging my kiddo or they started to play peek a boo while eating id remove it and nurse un covered but with how i dressed with 2 shirts plus my bra no one saw anything.. unless it was just me, my husband and other kiddos at home half the time i didnt have more than my bra and jeans on if it was summer and with kids 2 and 3 oldest my son then daughter never cared that their baby sibling needed to be fed and went about playing. my dad was another to never care if i used a cover because all he wanted was his grand babies happy and fed plus he was to into the tv to notice anyways

nonmember avatar Alexandra

So why would you nurse in a pool...even a kiddie one? Splashing, other kids playing etc...why not take a seat/lounger and nurse?

nonmember avatar Alexandra

Some of this deals with others rights too...nursing moms rights shouldnt infringebon others. I've seen aisles blocked, been asked to move in a movie theater (it was Riddick not a kid movie in the evening) so nursing mom could have proper room, have seen once in a restaurant a woman demanding my waiter stop waiting on us so he could bring her warm water to wash her breast so she could nurse, and there's others. Take the quiet private place or move so you dont infringebon others. Its common courtesy.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I agree with no nursing in the pool. It would be gross to feed a child any other food in there so why should someone nurse?

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