30 Magical Moments Moms Should Make Happen During Baby's First 12 Months

baby kissing herself in a mirror

The minute your baby enters the world, time suddenly speeds up. That first year may seem to crawl by when it's 2:00 in the morning and you're trying to get your little one to sleep already. But believe me, next thing you know, you'll be celebrating the first birthday and wondering what just happened. So here are 30 things you should do with your baby in that first year -- your baby bucket list!

  1. Blow bubbles for the very first time.
  2. Learn to sing a lullaby.
  3. Capture your baby's footprints in ink or plaster.
  4. Record the sound of your baby laughing.
  5. Share a bath.
  6. Write down every major milestone in a baby book or journal.
  7. Introduce your baby to a very mellow cat or dog.
  8. Push your baby in a swing (but only after they have head control).
  9. Play monkey-see-monkey-do: Copy your baby's expressions and sounds back at him/her.
  10. Blow the seeds off a dandelion blossom.
  11. Put together a simple puzzle.
  12. Explore every safe inch of your home together.
  13. Play peek-a-boo.
  14. Read your favorite childhood books.
  15. Let your baby fall asleep on your shoulder.
  16. Take a photo of your baby asleep on your spouse's shoulder.
  17. Bounce your baby on your knee and sing "Ride a Horse to Banbury Cross" or whatever other related nursery rhyme you can think of.
  18. Introduce your baby to all his or her parts: Nose, toes, elbows, eyes.
  19. Show your baby pictures of far-flung or long-gone relatives.
  20. Play "This Little Piggy."
  21. Introduce your baby to an elderly person.
  22. Introduce your baby to another baby.
  23. Play some simple musical instruments.
  24. Show your baby his or her reflection in a mirror.
  25. Count things.
  26. Play with a pile of yarn.
  27. Make loud raspberries on your baby's belly.
  28. Spend an afternoon lying on your backs and staring up at the clouds or the tops of trees.
  29. Touch snow.
  30. Say "I love you."

What else would you add to this baby bucket list?


Image via Mike Fisher/Flickr

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