44-Pound 8-Month-Old 'Rescued' From Parents for Lifesaving Treatment (VIDEO)

40 pound babyOne Colombian family has the dubious honor of having the most obese baby in the entire country. At just 8 months old, little Santiago Mendoza weighs 44 pounds. To put that in perspective for you, that is about the typical size of a 5-year-old. He should actually weigh closer to 17 pounds. But this isn't just the case of an extraordinarily plump child. That weight has caused Santiago dangerous health problems, and now a charity has swooped in to save his very young life.

His unhealthy condition isn't the result of parental neglect. Quite the contrary, his mom was so concerned about keeping him calm, she shoved a bottle or food in his mouth every time he cried. She willingly admits it was her own "ignorance" over feeding that left her baby this way.

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Now the charity Chubby Hearts Foundation (Corditos de Corazon) has stepped in. They plan to take the boy and his mother to the country's capital, Bogota, for treatment. They will try to bring his weight down while treating the undisclosed complications due to his girth. But this isn't just about a number on the scale. They will have to teach the entire family about healthy eating and the importance of physical activity. And given where this poor child is starting out, it could be a lifelong battle.

Such a shame. But before we lob this mom with verbal attacks, it should be acknowledged that she's not the only parent making this mistake. Childhood obesity is a huge problem in this country. You see countless overweight children every day. Parents, like Santiago's, use food to calm a baby, and others constantly ply their older ones with fast food and sugary treats.

Being a parent to a newborn is overwhelming. Being a parent in general is overwhelming. But perhaps along with those classes on how to diaper and swaddle, moms and dads need a few lessons on nutrition and what constitutes a healthy weight for a baby. Bottom line, food is not a soother.

Are you dealing with childhood obesity? If so, how are you helping your kids?


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Rachel Linda Kent

I'm sorry but I will bash the mother surely there comes a time when you can see or know that your kid is too big I mean seriously you have the mini michelline man there 

nonmember avatar Jennifer

It's Gorditos not corditos. A cordito is a Mexican dish.

stace... stacey541

Wow. My 6 year old weighs less. Poor family.

Senia... Seniahmom

I wish this article would influence the judge presiding over a friend's custody battle. Mom routinely breaks custody arrangements. She and her mother ply the poor baby girl with good or a bottle every time she makes a noise. Baby girl was so overweight she couldn't pull herself to standing until after one year old. She didn't start walking until after one. Poor dear had two root canals by two because mom and grandma give her sweet tea since she "won't drink water." And yet baby's father is routinely denied full or joint custody because bqby should be with her mpther and he rarely gets to see his daughter despite the arrangement that states he can see her every weekend and overnights one weekend a month. In the past year he's seen her twice. And the judge does nothing.

nonmember avatar Molly

I take a bit of offense to this, my son is 6 and weighs 74 lbs. He is the tallest boy in his class and is extremely active and healthy. Sometimes weight is nothing but a number. Let's do a more intriguing article, such as explain to me why I am seeing lawsuit commercials claiming ovarian cancer has an association to Johnson's baby powder? Excuse me can I put this crap on my daughter anymore?

missy... missybest

If what the author has said is true, the mother and father should have gotten help a long time ago.  To allow the problem to go this far is nothing short of either abuse or emotional neglect.  Very, very sad!  Now, the problem will be really difficult and unhealthy for the baby.  Unbelievable that any parent could be that lackadaisical.

Laura Palmer

Molly clearly no one is talking about your tall six year old son.... but a 8 MONTH OLD that weighs as much as an AVERAGE 5 year old is obviously not OK regardless of stature.... kind of stupid to be offended. 

bmommyx2 bmommyx2

I wonder if there is some sort of medical conditon at play here I find it hard to belive that it's from the bottle.

Lucki... Luckicharmz

Molly - I'm in the same boat, my sons 4.5 and 58lbs (weighed in Oct) but he's also tall for his age. For a lot of families it is just a meaningless number.

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